Progressive Presidents

A Comparison

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt became president at the age of 43 after President McKinley was assassinated. He was the youngest president of the US at the time and brought new excitement to the office. He was born in New York with a wealthy family so he was much different than all of the other presidents before him. Roosevelt also was a lieutenant colonel in the Spanish-American war. He was one of the biggest heroes in the war and was the leader in the battle of San Juan.

Roosevelt's Leadership

Grade: A

He had gotten more than half of the votes when ran for president and was a very well respected president for all of the things he accomplished. He also fought in the Spanish-American war before being president. He was considered one of the biggest heroes in it and lead the Battle of San Juan. His foreign policy of as he would say "Speak softly and carry a big stick. . . . " Which meant that he would be nice but would use great force and didn't want any other countries to interfere like Europe.

Roosevelt's Organization


Roosevelt got a lot done during his presidency. First he busted a bunch of trusts and made many other bill and laws. The Square deal was one of his biggest ones which was his reform program, regulated big business, protected workers, and preserved the environment. A few laws he made to conserve land for national parks and preserved land. He also helped build the Panama Canal.

Roosevelt's Professionalism

Grade: A

He was admired for the many things he did during his presidency. One of his biggest things was the Square Deal. Before he became president he was the assistant secretary of the Navy and left to help in the Spanish-American War. Roosevelt took the Navy to Cuba and then lead the Rough Riders through the Battle of San Juan. He became the youngest president in office at the age of 43.

Roosevelt's Contributions

Grade: A

He had many contributions in the presidency. Roosevelt had the "Square Deal" which included many businesses regulations like not having giant corporations or trusts. The National Reclamation Act was the first big legislative achievement. Roosevelt also helped build the Panama Canal so it would be easier to get from one side of the US to the other side. The Panama Canal was also an easy shortcut from the Pacific to the Atlantic instead of going all the way around South America.

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William Taft

He was elected as president and then after his presidency became the tenth Chief justice. Taft was the first and only person to have been in both offices. when McKinley was president Taft was sent to the Philippians as a chief civil administrator and ended up boasting their economy. Then when Roosevelt became president he made Taft the Secretary of War. He also had a postal savings system was established and the Interstate Commerce Commission. He did so good things but many people remember him from not doing as good as Roosevelt.

Taft's Leadership

Grade: C

Taft had been very disliked during his presidency. He had busted more trusts than Roosevelt but he had dismantled the Roosevelt's leadership. Taft cared about his image and he was depressed during his presidency. He could not live up to Roosevelt's presidency since they were so different. During his presidency Taft was did not use as much political power than Roosevelt did.

Taft's Organization

Grade: A

He busted a bunch of trusts and did many other things. A few were a postal savings system was established, he helped to conserve land like Roosevelt, and the Interstate Commerce Commission was directed to set railroad rates. He also used the Dollar Diplomacy which was a form of American foreign policy through use of our economic power by guaranteeing loans made to foreign countries.

Taft's Professionalism

Grade: B

He was kind and joked around to many people while in office. Before he was in office he greatly disliked his campaign but went along with it. Taft also did not believe in the stretching of Presidential powers unlike Roosevelt. In office he was depressed and liked law more than politics.

Taft's Contribution

Grade: B

He had busted more trusts than Roosevelt but he had dismantled the Roosevelt's leadership. He also pasted the 16th amendment which was federal government's authority to tax income without apportioning it among the states. One thing Taft is remembered by is the "Dollar Diplomacy" which was when we loan money to other places like Latin American and Asian nations to help their economic development. He also strengthened the Interstate Commerce Commission and its ability to negotiate rates with railroads.

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Woodrow Wilson

Wilson lead the US into World War I believing that it would make the world safer for democracy. He was similar to Roosevelt were they both had deals to make political reform. He made the deal called New Freedom. He also made a law to ban child labor, a law where railroad workers could only work up to 8 hours a day. to win re-election he said that we wouldn't fight in World war I but after he was re-elected he had us go into war. Wilson made the Fourteen Points and the Treaty of Versailles after the war.

Wilson's Leadership

Grade: B

At the beginning of Wilson's presidency he was like Roosevelt. They both believed in that they were the representative for the United States. He did many things people respected him for like trying to prevent literacy tests for immigrants. He also made the 17th amendment and 19th amendment. Another thing he did was trying to prevent the 18th amendment but was vetoed by Congress.

Wilson's Organization

Grade: A

He had made many amendments like the 17 and 19. He also tried to veto the 18 amendments but he was overruled by congress.he also made the "New Freedom" laws which were made of three things.The results of his efforts were the passage of the Federal Trade Act, the Underwood Tariff Act, and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. Wilson supported immigration rights and vetoed a law that required a literacy test for immigrants.

Wilson's Professionalism

Grade: B

He was liked through most of his presidency but many people did not like him because he sent us into World War I. He was admired for all of good things he did like the "New Freedom" laws and he signed some of the amendments. Wilson signed the 17th and 19th amendments. Many people admired Wilson from letting women to vote.

Wilson's Contributions


One thing that Wilson tried to do for the US was to veto the 18 amendments but he was overruled by congress. He also made the "New Freedom" laws known as the Federal Trade Act, the Underwood Tariff Act, and the creation of the Federal Reserve System. He also made Mother's Day. Wilson supported immigration rights and vetoed a law that required a literacy test for immigrants and banned Asiatic workers, except those from countries with special agreements with the United States.Wilson had persuaded Congress to repeal the 1912 Panama Canal Act which exempted many American ships from paying the toll for passage through the canal. He also signed a treaty with Colombia to apologize for Roosevelt's acts of aggression during the Panama Revolution in 1903.

President Woodrow Wilson