By: Kira Ley and Julia Benson

Why Use The Triangle?

The triangle was used for pyramids for many reasons. The article states that, "The pyramid represented the first land." It was important to them because it reminded them of the hill called "Ben-Ben." Also, triangles have sloping sides, they believed the sloping sides was a way for the pharaoh to climb to the sky and live forever. Lastly, they thought that the rays of the sun represented the pyramids. Those reasons are why the triangle shape was used for pyramids.

Who Were The Pyramids Built By?

The pyramids were built by many villagers. Many people believed that the pyramids were built by slaves, but they were really built by Egyptian villagers. "Skeletons were found showing the individuals who built the ancient Egyptian pyramid." They have proof that slaves did not build the pyramids. Some builders were permanent, while some were temporary. The pyramids were built during the Nile flooding, because most of their regular jobs were washed out. That is proof that the pyramids were built by villagers.

Pyramids Were Built How?

There are many steps into building a pyramid. The bottom and outer layer was made of limestone, that gave them a white gloss. "The capstone was usually made of granite, basalt, or another very hard stone." This means that the pyramid was a very strong structure. They used "pounders" to crush the stone around the granite. Many teams of manpower were used to carry the stones. Once the stones were at the pyramid they used ramps to get them in place. The pyramid also reflected the sun. Those were how the pyramids were built.

Why Were These Pyramids One Of The Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World?

The pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. To build them it took nearly 20,000 to 30,000 people. "They were places of burial for their respective kings." Kings were very important during the ancient times, it reflects how much they cared about their kings. Also, they are still standing today which makes it incredible because it was hand made. That is why the pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.