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Rok Protective Technologies

ROK Protective Technologies was established in 2012 with its corporate office in Houston, Texas. It’s a unique organization that prides itself on developing new, innovative ideas in the field of protection. We set ourselves apart from the industry norm by applying previously learned technologies to new concepts which in turn generate exciting and cutting-edge developments in protection and other areas.

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ROK Protective Technologies Offer Quality Products To Protect The Environment

ROK Protective Technologies is an eminent enterprise, committed to providing top-notch products, which can protect the environment from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc. In addition to these, they also offer products that are meant for the protection of people and property from criminal acts, terrorism, and natural calamities. Some of the products offered by them are – ROK Flex Liner, ROK Flex Bold, ROK Flex Marine, ROK Flex Plus, ROK Flex S-100, ROK Flex C, ROK Flex M, ROK Protect, ROK Blast, ROK SPS, ROK Neutral, ROK Shield, etc.

Their ROK FLEX BOLD is a corrosion control coating, which is used to coat the interior of deteriorated pipes. They also sell ROK FLEX S-100, a corrosion control elastomeric coating that has the ability to be cast into a variety of forms or shapes. To keep metals protected from corrosion, their ROK FLEX M can work wonders. It is an elastic coating with excellent resistance to water and can be used for protecting metal surfaces in industrial facilities, tank exteriors, bridges, offshore oil platforms, pipelines, water towers, petroleum distillation towers, other types of metal surfaces. They also sell ROK Neutral that works quickly to balance the ph level on acid spills. Besides buildings, structures, and environment, ROK Protective Technologies has developed many innovative products pertaining to the safety of people as well. Their ROK SPS or School Protection System offers a combination suite of products that work together to give maximum safety to schools. Basically, they are used to fortify schools against intruders.

There are a lot of things that have contributed in making ROK one of the most trusted names in the field of protection. Besides their highest quality products and sincere efforts to be the best, it is their highly innovative ideas that have enabled them to make a mark in the industry, despite the prevailing break-neck competition. In addition to all this, their proprietary chemical formulas and avant-garde technologies have also helped them produce premium-grade products and earn a great reputation. The exceptional management skills and quick decision making abilities of the company's CEO, Ira Held too played an important part in the success of ROK. To know more, please visit

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ROK Protective Technologies Aims To Make The World Safer Through Its Leading-Edge Products

ROK Protective Technologies is a well-recognized company that has won many accolades in the recent times for its excellent portfolio of leading-edge products. The company prides itself in coming up with groundbreaking ideas in the field of protection and developing products that can make the world a safer place to live. Currently, they sell their premium products in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Korea, Dubai, and many others. The overwhelming responses they have received from the customers have encouraged them to forge ahead with more vigor and continue with their innovation in protection and other areas.

Their extensive range of products includes ROK Flex Liner, ROK Flex Bold, ROK Flex Marine, ROK Flex Plus, ROK Flex S-100, ROK Flex C, ROK Flex M, ROK Protect, ROK Blast, ROK SPS, ROK Neutral, ROK Shield, and many more. Their ROK FLEX LINER is a corrosion control coating product that is meant to be used for lining aquatic tanks and keeping them protected. Similarly, ROK PROTECT is another product offered by the company, which is used for providing ballistic protection to car doors. Besides these, there is ROK FLEX C which is a topical treatment, which when applied to concrete creates an impermeable barrier and protects the concrete from further deterioration. This is extremely useful to battle erosion caused by acids. Such as these, the other products developed by the company also protect people, property, and environment in some or the other way.

What makes ROK Protective Technologies and its highly advanced products stand out is their firm determination to come up with nothing but the best. Every time they strive to offer something new, innovative, and better than what is already being offered in the market. Besides that, their proprietary chemical formulas and technologies have also enabled them to develop a huge variety of products with quality second-to-none. Their products are in fact cheaper and weigh lesser than those currently being offered in the market by industry standards. The CEO of the firm, Mr., Ira Held has also played a vital role in the success of ROK Protective Technologies. For more information, please visit

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ROK Protective Technologies Develops Innovative Products To Keep The World Protected

ROK Protective Technologies is a well-known, highly recognized company that develops top-grade products in the field of protection, and thus makes the world a safer place to live. Their broad range of premium-grade products offered by the company aim to protect people, environment, and structures from natural disasters, criminal acts, and terrorism. Every product launched by them has a game-changing potential within its sector. Some of the products they offer are ROK Flex Liner, ROK Flex Bold, ROK Flex Marine, ROK Flex Plus, ROK Flex S-100, ROK Flex C, ROK Flex M, ROK Protect, ROK Blast, ROK SPS, ROK Neutral, ROK Shield, and many more.

Each of these products has a unique purpose to protect either human beings or the environment. For instance, ROK Flex Marine is an extremely hard protective surface, which is used for lining the interior of pipes, protecting boat hulls, and providing a durable finish to marine environments. Their ROK Flex Liner is a corrosion control coating, which is used for finishing aquatic tanks. Likewise, all other products offered by them serve the purpose of safeguarding products and people from potential disasters. The company holds a terrific track record for being at the forefront of innovation and implementing cutting-edge developments in the field of protection.

ROK Protective Technologies stays ahead of the competition because of their unique approach in dealing with conventional problems through unconventional solutions. Their superior products weigh less and cost less in comparison to the similar products being offered by other companies. Hence, they are able to give customers the best value for their money. They also spare no effort to deliver the best opportunities to their employees, distributors, as well as shareholders. Currently, Mr. Ira Held is the CEO of the company, who has attended the University of Miami and studied business. With his immense knowledge and incomparable business management skills, he has significantly contributed to the growth of the company. Held has been a president and CEO of several other companies before.

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Our goal is to be a world class enterprise providing quality products that protect people, property, and the environment from terrorism, criminal acts, and natural disasters and provide the best value to our customers, and best opportunities to our distributors, employees, and shareholders while maximizing job creation.