The Buzz...from the Busy Bees

Mrs. Slominsky's Class 2015-2016

March 21-25

Hello Busy Bee Families! I hope you all received your child's report card in their folder on Friday and had a chance to review the report and the notes to go along with it. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you would like to meet in person, please sign up for a time using the Sign-up Genius link below. If you just have a quick question, feel free to email me or give me a call. I feel like the last quarter of the school year is just as important as the first. I want us all to finish the year strong! I appreciate all of the help and support that you give your children at home.

Mrs. Michelle Slominsky

Reader's Workshop

I am so excited for this week's guided reading groups. Using our new iPads from IGNiTE, all groups will be doing reading and discussion boards on Canvas. Because we're learning about community helpers, your child will be reading and learning about different types of community helpers. Since the reading will all be done online, there won't be copies of the books to bring home. I encourage your child to show you what they are reading in class. To do this, go to Canvas. You can click on the word "canvas" and it will link you to the page or go to: Your child's log-in is their six-digit id# and the password is student. When using Canvas at home, please go to our Homeroom. Our classroom page is a work-in-progress, so I appreciate your patience. Once your child is logged in to Canvas, they can get to their Lexia and Dreambox from our homepage. Just click on "Online Locker" and they'll know what to do from there. It is fine for your child to read some of the articles/e-books that I've linked at home. However, please do not have them complete assignments or post on discussion boards at home. We'll save this work for when we are at school. Thanks!!

Writer's Workshop

This week will be all about revision. We'll be working on making our writing that is good even better. We'll do this by:

1. adding details - we'll learn to be more specific with our details. For example, instead of saying My grandpa is nice. We might write, My grandpa grows some of the best tomatoes around. When I go to visit, he always lets me take a big bucket out to the garden and pick as many tomatoes as I can.

2. using descriptive (juicy) words - For example, instead of writing The tomatoes are good, we'll learn to write something like The red, ripe tomatoes are so juicy they burst when you put them in your mouth.

Math Workshop

Kindergarten - This week's focus will be on subtraction within 10. Specifically, we'll be working on the relationship between addition and subtraction. We'll learn about using fact families. Click here for a game to practice fact families.

First Grade - This will be our final week working on two-digit addition and subtraction. Click here for some great games to do at home to practice addition and subtraction.

Content/Language Workshop

Last week we had fun learning all about families. This week we'll spend time talking about our community. We'll learn who and what makes up a community. We've got several fun things planned including a Google Hangout (like Skype or Facetime) with my brother-in-law who is a firefighter (He'll be giving us a tour of the fire station and answering the kids' questions), visits from families who are police officers, bakers and paramedics, and lots of great articles, e-books and short videos. This will probably spark some great dinnertime conversation about what your child wants to be when they grow up!

Spring Book Fair

Monday, March 21st, 8am to Friday, March 25th, 10am

Sequiota Elementary School Library

Check the flyer that you got in your child's Friday Folder for specifics on times.

Conference with Mrs. Slominsky (optional)

Tuesday, March 22nd, 6-8pm

Mrs. Slominsky's Classroom

Please click here to sign up for a conference with Mrs. Slominsky.

Spring Pictures

Thursday, March 24th, 9am

3414 South Mentor Avenue

Springfield, MO