Unit 1 Science 6: By: Aidan Lu

I'm having a good time in Science 6 with my new teacher(s)

Introduction to Science 6

Introduction to Science 6 Unit

In the first month of Science, our class worked on looking through a microscope, using a triple beam balance, observing data using qualitative and quantatative statements, and measuring by using a ruler. The worksheets that we were given tested our ability on those very same things. For example, the Measuring: Length worksheet, Reading a Triple Beam Balance worksheet, the Compare and Contrast worksheet, and so much more. The following month, we worked on latitude and longitude, still part of Unit 1. Some of the worksheets that we used to practice Latitude/Longitude were the Practicing Scale worksheet, Longitude and Latitude worksheet, and around the World in 30 minutes worksheet. As you can see, in just 2 months, I have learned so much, and I can't wait to see what else I will learn in the following months to come in Science 6!

Aidan Lu

Hello! My name is Aidan Lu. I was born in Hoag Hospital on October 21, 2005 and I am currently a 11 year old 6th grader at Pioneer. Although middle school is challenging, I am enjoying it and my new classes and teachers, including Mrs. Smith and Mr. Kim's very own Science 6 class. I have also made some new friends at Pioneer, Brian, Daniel, and Danny. Aside from studying, I also play extra-curricular sports, namely, swimming and basketball. Basketball is my favorite sport because I believe it to be more fun, and that's why I spend more time on basketball than swimming. I play for a club basketball team, SoCal Elite, and I am their first point guard. When I'm not at school and don't have basketball or swimming on my schedule, I play video games and hang out with my family. These are my favorite things in the whole world, although playing video games may not be a good thing. So to sum up my life, I am adjusting to Pioneer Middle School, I play basketball and swimming, and I love video games. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have learned something about me!


The videos in the links that I posted are kid friendly. If you are struggling with that particular subject, I suggest you check out those videos, and have a good time watching them! Enjoy! :)

My favorite handout!

My favorite activity from the unit by far was the Letter E Lab, because that was my second time experimenting with a microscope. I very much enjoyed writing descriptions about it and observing it.