Gender And Identity



I believe that I'm a hard working person, a very patient man and I'm not self-conscious with myself. I'm a student that tries to stay focus in school and doesn't let distractions get in his way of achieving his main goals. I'm a loving son, a brother, and a carrying uncle that does anything to get recognized by his parents. I see myself as a person that doubts himself when too much pressure is place on his shoulders.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Viola is a servant of Duke Orsino who is the ruler of Illyria. Viola was an upperclassman that was lonely and didn’t even need to work a single day of her life before she got shipwreck and now she has to work to survive. Viola sees herself as a powerful person that can get anything with money and is a strong independent women. “I prithee—and I’ll pay thee bounteously—conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent” (I, ii, 49-52). Pg.3


I am a male student that attends to Joliet west high school. I am judge on my gender because since I’m a male, I feel like people around me expect me to exceed in my education, religion, my language, and of my family history. I see males as the once that are calmer than females in fighting situation because males don’t really want to fight or get into an argument then females do. In the end of the day, males still have more freedom, more rights, more power than a female would ever have because society still sees males as the stronger sex.

Viola is a female that is inteligent, wise and quick on her feet. Viola has no other choice but to disguise herself as a eunuch because Lady Olivia isn’t taking any more women servants since she is mourning about her brother’s death. Viola needed to look like a masculine man and act like a man that would take any job that duke Orsino offered her. Since Viola was disguised as a man, there wasn’t any limitation to what job she wanted to do because society saw males as the dominate sex. Women couldn’t do heavy or complicated jobs because society couldn’t see women being that intelligent or strong.


I believe people see me as a nice person that is full of life and does he's work on time. I believe people that dont know me see me as a quit person that doesn't want to make friends. I believe my friends look at me as a person that takes his education serious and doesn't like to play around. I believe my family sees me as a lazy person that doesn't like to do anything but sleep. People see me as a negative person that doubts himself too much. I believe people see me become successful in my future and my best friend sees me as an intallengent, funny, carrying, perfect person.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Viola as an inteligent, wise, and a male that has feminine good looks because she got a very powerful attractive women to go crazy for her. Duke Orsino sees Viola/ Cesario as a faithful, caring, understanding, and generous person. Malvolio sees Viola/ Cesario as a disrespectful person because of the way Viola supposedly threw the ring at Lady Olivia. I think that it’s similar to how she sees herself because she needs to work in order to make money and also needs someone to get her started on her feet. The captain was the perfect opportunity for her to make someone trust her since he was the only person that knew who she truly was.

“Diana’s lip is not more smooth and rubious. Thy small pipe is as the maiden’s organ, shrill and sound, and all is semblative a woman’s part” (I, iv, 31-34). Pg.2

Similarites And Differences

Similarities that I and viola have are the type of people we are. In other words, we get in situation that we can’t get our self’s out of. We’re both independent people because if we want something for our self’s we go and get it, which makes us ambitious towards our goals that we want to succeed in.

The differences between myself and Viola is that I’m not in her time period, which means that women in my time period have more rights than Viola would ever have in her life. Another differences between me and Viola is that I’m not quick on my feet because I actually like to think before I take action.