Bell Jelly

Created by: Kendra Kiger

Basic Information

Scientific Name - Polyorchis sp

Neat Body parts + Coloration - Bell jellies also have 100 or more wispy tentacles, and red ocelli, or eyespots.

Length - About 2.5 inches (6.4 cm) in diameter.


Where it lives - Dark, deep waters during the day and come to the surface at night.

What it eats - A bell jelly spends about half its time near the seafloor, where it feeds on small bottom-dwelling creatures like zooplankton.

How they eat - Bell jellies often "hop" up from the seafloor, this movement will stir up sediments, mixing up potential food. They will also swim up to the surface and while they float back down they'll collect plankton.

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Cool Information

Bell jellies respond to bright lights at night and quickly swim away.

Their red coloration disappears in deep water where light is low, therefor bell jellies are virtually invisible to deep sea predators.


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