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Tanmeet Sangha

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This is Me

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who am i?

My name is Tanmeet and I'm 15 years old. I was born on September 17 in Etobicko General. I live with my parents and my 9 year old sister. Fun fact, my sister and I have almost identical names. Her name is Banmeet and mine is Tanmeet (we're better know as Tanu and Banu). I'm a pretty reserved person and keep to myself for the most part. Only when you know me do I break out of my shell and get a bit crazy (ask any of my friends). I read a lot and when I'm not reading I'm watching something on Netflix. I started swimming when I was 5 but quit in 2011 because of an injury. I still love to swim and go swimming frequently in the summer. I love my friends and would go to the ends of the universe for them. I also love to travel and I want to travel all around the world and see all there is to see. I rarely get home sick so you could probably put me in the middle of no where and I'd feel perfectly at home. I have an addiction to coffee and my mom is always trying to secretly change my coffee to decaf (she never gets away with it). To be perfectly honest I think Starbucks is a bit overrated and prefer Tim Horton's.

My Life Line

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My Favourite Things

my leadership style

I would say I am a leader as a consultant. I am not very bossy so I find it hard to order people around. I think working in a team is the most important thing. If you can involve yourself in the group and be a leader at the same time you will get the most work done. Your group members will look up to you if you can be apart of them. In a group, it is important for everyone to incorporate their skills to accomplish a common goal. It is important to get everyone's thoughts on an idea for executing it. In my opinion, if everyone isn't on board with an idea then you can't work together properly.

my influences

My Main Influence

I am influenced immensely by the media and by my family. What I see on TV and on social media effects what I do and say. Social media has definitely taught me to be more accepting and open to people. What I see on a day to day basis online effects what I talk about and how I act. If I see someone in the media that has a bad image I know not to be like them. On the other hand, people in the media that give back and are caring teach me to be more like them. My family also influences me a lot. I follow my parents rules and try everyday to meet their expectations. Most things that I know how to do were taught to me by my family. My parents have taught me all my morals. My family influences how I act and treat other people. My friends also have a big influence on me. My friends always push me to take risks and they influence me to be a better version of my self.

my friends

my role model

my grandfather

My role model is my grandfather, Rameshwer Sangha. My grandfather is hard working and dedicated. These are qualities that I want to demonstrate on a day to day basis in everything I do. My grandfather is a successful lawyer and politician. My dream of being a lawyer comes from my grandfather. I see my grandpa help people all the time and I want to do the same. My grandfather has always been there for me and always encouraged me to try new things. I am so grateful because he is always looking out for me and helping me. He always tells me that I should 'never look down on someone, unless I'm helping them up'. He has given me so much love and kindness and I will always look up to him.

my future

My plan for the future is to be a lawyer. I know this is a hard job to get and I will have to work very hard to get there but I am prepared to do that. I want to be a lawyer because I want to help people. My grandpa is a lawyer and I see him helping people everyday and I want to do that too. I also want to be a lawyer because I am interested in the subject area. I like to watch the news and discuss cases in the media with my family. To be a lawyer I will have to graduate with my high school diploma. After high school, I will have to go to university to earn an undergraduate (bachelors) degree. You can have a degree in almost anything to get into a law school. After my four years at university I will go to law school. Before I go to law school though I will have to write my LSAT so I can get into a law school. After I pass my LSAT I can apply to a law school. There are 16 law school in Canada and I will most likely pick one that is closest to home for me. Or I can take the alternative path and go to a law school abroad. If I choose to go to law school abroad I will either go to England or Australia. After law school I will have to write another exam called the 'bar exam' to practice law professionally in Canada.

Family symbols

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family crest

Instead of doing separate symbols for my family, I decided to combine them to make a family crest. In the middle of the crest is the letter ‘S’. This represents my family name, Sangha. There are two colours in the crest, red and green. The red represents patience and victory and the green represents joy and loyalty in love. The first section of the crest has a wolf in it. The wolf represents loyalty. Wolves generally stick in packs and are fiercely loyal to each other. This is the case in my family. We always have each other’s backs and will always stick up for each other. In my family, if one person has a problem we make it our goal to work together to fix it. We have a very ‘your problem is my problem’ attitude. The next symbol is the scales. The scales represent justice and fairness. This relates to my family because most of us are in the field of law. But it doesn’t just represent our professions, it also represents our morals. We always believe that things should be done fairly and that we should treat everyone the same. The next symbol is the moon. The moon represents peaceful power. This means someone that peacefully interacts with others and thinks things over before acting. This relates to my family because we think before we speak and are analytic people. We also believe in being nice to and including everyone. The last symbol in the crest is the owl. The owl represents wisdom, wit and knowledge. This represents my family because we value education and we are always looking for more opportunities to expand our knowledge. I also have two flags around my crest, India and Canada’s. I put India’s flag because most of the older people in my family are born in Punjab, India. That is where my religion comes from. I put the Canadian flag there because the younger generations of my family are born and raised here. Our family has traditions from India and Canada and that’s why I put both flags there. I put the lotus on top of the crest because it is India’s national flower and as I said, that is where my background is from. The stag on the left side represents peace and harmony and the lion on the right represents bravery and courage. These are all traits that my family values.

Personality tests

Learning Styles: Visual Learner

Personality: ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

Interest Type: The Professional (EC)

Knowledge: English, Social Sciences

Motivation Factor: Support

True Colour: Green

Multiple Intelligence's: Verbal, Intrapersonal, Logical

Learning Styles

Visual Learner

This is a very accurate result because I learn by looking and watching people do stuff. If someone demonstrates how to do something than I will understand. Doing hands on stuff makes me nervous and when someone tries to explain something to me they will have to do it a few times for me to understand. But when someone does something I will get it almost immediately.


ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

I was surprised by the accuracy of my result. My result reflects all of my personality traits. I am very analytic person and I like that my result reflected that trait. I was surprised that my personality matched both Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria. My result also said that I am introverted, which is also very accurate. I would rather stay at home than go out. One thing I was surprised about was it said that I am judgmental. But I am almost the opposite. I am very accepting and avoid being rude in any possible way.

Interest Type

The Professional (EC)

I think this is an accurate result because as the result says, I am very organized and I am a critical thinker. The result says I work well with information and this is true. The more information I have, the faster I'm going to get a job done.


English/Social Sciences

I think this result reflects well on my personality. I like to read and analyze texts and my result reflects that. I also got social sciences, which includes law. Both of subject areas reflect what I want to be when I grow up. I am interested in both of these areas and typically do well in both areas in school.

Motivation factor


I think this is an accurate result because I like to work in groups and I rely on the support of others. I also rely on solid information to get work done. I also think it is important to support people in order to work together in a group.

True Colour


The colour I got was green. I think I got this colour because the description matches my personality very well. For example, a part of the description says that people who are green can be snobbish if they are having a bad day. This is true, whenever I am not in a good mood I can be very sarcastic and rude. The description also says that greens are analytic. This is also matches my personality because in new situations I like to look around and read everything around me. When given a problem I like to explore every aspect of it before trying to solve it.

Multiple intelligence's

Verbal, Intrapersonal, Logical

I am not surprised that my number one skills are verbal and intrapersonal. I am able to talk well with my words and explain my thoughts to people. I am also very self aware and I know what I need to do for myself. I am surprised that logical is so high on my list. This is because I don’t enjoy math that much but I do like solving puzzles so I can see where my result came from.

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my favourite quote