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Connected across Canada

Dear families,

Thank you to everyone for sharing your children's success stories with friends and family. Your stories have reached across the country. There is no better way to trust a service other than referral and word of mouth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, it means so much that you are sharing your children's success stories. 5 years ago when I started Naturally Literate it was my goal to provide students with the skills and tools to decode English and not have them experience falling through the cracks like I did. This past session I am happy to say welcome to Kate who is joining our community from British Columbia. This past year the digital school has grown to include students in the Yukon Territory, northern Ontario and now B.C. We have entered an era where students who need targeted intervention can now access it from home. What an incredible time we live in.

Our Second very exciting announcement for 2021was the acceptance of services fromJordan's Principle. Where any indigenous child under the age of 18 can access funding to cover various aids to help grant access to services and tools. A parent, teacher, school, First Nation, or guardian can apply for a child. I encourage anyone looking into this funding to reach out to their local Jordan's Principle representative. Link below.This is a huge step in granting accessibility to our First Nation communities and something I was trying to figure out since I started. So much gratitude towards Jordan's Principle for accepting my services and giving a larger population access to direct structured literacy intervention for their children.


Please keep sharing stories and touching moments from your children's learning journeys. They have been working so incredibly hard. They face a mountain and everyday one more door opens to a staircase of understanding. Step by step they are building to the summit where they can look around and see all their opportunities with confidence. Thank you from the light in me to the light in you for your commitment to literacy and support.

Have a wonderful and safe Holidays.


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E-gift for a forever gift.

Well I shall be cliche here. Couldn't be more pleased with the e-gift card option. Zero-carbon foot print and biggest impact on your loved ones life. With e-gift cards your relatives can show their love and support to our budding readers. The e-gift cards are redeemable digitally for classes and our soon to open Online Student Supply Store, Quill + Laurel.

Young Water Speaks Storytelling Funday Fridays

Friday, Jan. 21st 2022 at 6pm

This is an online event.


Funday Friday Winters


Jan. 21, 28, Feb. 4 6pm EST

Young Water Speaks 45 minsWorkshops.

Community building! Students meet each other. Connect to your local water body and land!
Learn to generate ideas inspired by water, create a main character, choose a creative story telling method, and build a story board.
After sessions students will be able to work on their story individually or supported in private lessons.
Finished stories are submitted to Julia to be submitted through Naturally Literate to Young Water Speaks Story Writing Contest.
Winners stories go on Tour!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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