March 4 to 8 Newsletter

What's Happening

Report cards will be going home on Friday, March 8. Please go over it with your child and celebrate all the things your child has done well this term. Also, discuss one thing they could do to improve for next term.

Please check your child's agenda for a form to complete to book a time for Student Led Conferences. I will confirm your time later in the week.

- this week, we will be learning about how to write a "Stuck" story that has a good beginning, middle and end. Then, we will be using Puppet Pal to retell our story. Parents will get a chance to see our project at Student Led Conference (if all goes well)!

- we are learning about Data Management. That includes pictographs, bar graphs and making a yes and no survey. We will continue to work on problem solving and calendar as well.

Science - students are very busy making their own magnet projects. Again, parents will get a chance to play these games at Student Led Conferences.

Social - we will be making a booklet this week showing what we learned from our Macao Community walk.

Have a great week!