1Month Later, Time to move out

By: Juan Ruiz

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1 Month later

Pew pew pew went the silenced lee enfield

Oh shoot my clip is out and without a doubt.

Oh no my Frankie and Jack are out too,it is best for us to run out of here too.

"Guys come in we have to run or else well become one of them!"

With a nod and 2 we ran off on to our base the warehouse which was really safe.

With a click and a clock the door shut with all of us 3 still in one piece .

"We all needed ammo but where can we get our hands on them?" Spoke out Frankie

"Maybe if we head to the north east military airfield we could get some." I suggested

"Are you mad? We are going to get mauled like chicken legs in a dog pound!” hollard Jack

“No Jack maybe its best I mean there is a lot of supplies and a medical center filled with medical supplies.” spoke Frankie

“Well I guess you're right Frankie we could go but who gonna watch over the base?” Jack questioned Frankie.

“ We are moving Jack but not directly to the airfield. We are going to settle up in an abandoned warehouse next to it.” I assured Jack

“Fine its settled then.” said Jack

Its 1:00 A.M and Frankie,Jack,& I Are all ready to move out.

My Enfield, Jacks M14, and Frankies Dmr are ready and without a doubt.

We peered into the city to see all the dead and to see them eating ones flesh,then he rose to be one of the dead.

We had to move swift and steady to get out of the city and into our new base.

With a twig snap from Jack the dead clearly heard us and then started to chase us.

Shots were heard from my enfield but I only to manage to shot only a few put my gun still went pew pew.

We run cause all of our guns had run out we ran for it fast and swift.

we outran the dead oh thank heavens and its time to move tour our safe haven.

We moved along and to see the base that Frankie was talking about.

*Simile when Jack starts to speak by saying that we are going to be eaten like chicken legs in a dog pound by using Like: Are you mad? We are going to get mauled like chicken legs in a dog pound!”*