Purple Loosestrife is on the Loose


Why is Purple Loosestrife detrimental to our communities ecosystem?

Purple Loosestrife was introduced into the east of North America in the early 1800's. It is a very hard plant on the wetlands and over time it will destroy many of our wetlands and our important ecosystems. Many plants, mammals, reptiles, insects, etc. are relying on healthy, active wetlands to survive. Purple Loosestrife can also spread on dry land and becomes a menace to farmers and other peoples land.

Getting Rid of it

How do we rid our community of Purple Loosestrife?

Getting rid of this plant is fairly simple but it is a lot of work in big amounts. The easiest way to get it away is by pulling the plant by its roots so it will not continue to grow, we can also cut off the tops of the flowers as they start to grow in summer to prevent the fall of seed to re-grow themselves. We can use pesticide but it is harmful to the environment by directly releasing chemicals and nitrogen into the soil. So, if we work together to eliminate Purple Loosestrife we will be helping our ecosystems by keeping it healthy and natural.