October 12-16



If you need an interpreter for parent conferences let me know as soon as possible.

Parent Conferences - Oct 22-23.

School Pictures on Oct 20

Science Authentic Assessment in-services in Library at 3:30

2nd Grade- Oct 21

1st Grade- Oct 28

Kindergarten - Nov 18

Word Wizards- Email a list of words your grade level is working on so I can try to include some of the words in the morning announcements.

Whole Brain Teaching Strategy

The Genius Ladder Part 2

Vocabulary Instruction

Students can learn some words through the use of wide reading.

For students who have learned to read, wide reading of different types of texts, including trade books, along with direct teacher instruction and rich vocabulary experiences can help them continue to build word schema (Anderson 1990; Nagy and Herman 1987).

For younger students, most vocabulary learning through reading has to be facilitated by adults and older peers because books for early readers intentionally contain simple words that children already know. Engaging students in various types of vocabulary activities by reading aloud texts with more sophisticated words that they will encounter in future texts will help them build their experiences with words and increase their word schemas (Beck and McKeown 2001; Biemiller and Boote 2006)