All about Lillian Dixon

Everything you need to know about me in just ten minutes

Meet Lillian Dixon

I dont do after school activities, I have one brother, also i love school because i see my friends(they are the weirdest people here), i also love weird things, i don't fit in with the normal and listen to metal bands i also love to watch you tubers like my digital escape, social repose.

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader.

A leader is someone who does for others tries to set good examples for others.
Better Off Dead - Sleeping With Sirens (Lyrics)

Famous Influential Leaders

  1. Kellin Quinn: He always does for others even though he people have never done for him.
  2. Ian summerhalder: he has always been there for the sick kids and adults no matter how poor or rich they were.
  3. Abraham Lincoln: He freed the slaves even though people would hate him for because he thought they were people to.

Leaders In My Life

  1. My teaches they all teach kids who disrespect them because they love to teach.
  2. My nieghbors they have always been there for foster kids even after they don't foster them anymore because they made a bond that was forever.
  3. Counselors they always find a way to make someones life better no matter what happened to that person.

Short Term Goals For me

  1. I didn't want to do good in school
  2. I want to always choose my friends and life the way i want to.
  3. I want to live for today.
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Long Term Goals For Me

  1. I want to get a good job.
  2. I want to go to MYU
  3. I always want to have the friends I do now.
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