Wide-Open Windows

Meet Peace in Green

Youth Exchange in Ommen, The Netherlands

We invite you to visit "Wide-Open Windows" in Netherlands. It is a youth exchange funded by Dutch National Agency through Erasmus + program. The partner countries are : Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Macedonia, Romania, Latvia, Spain and Netherlands.

The objectives of the project are following:

  • To bring together different stakeholders with different educational and professional background;
  • To reshape and develop conceptual and practical meaning of Peace and Conflict Resolution while changing traditional way of thinking;
  • To empower facilitators while creating new path to Peace;
  • To unlock capacity and potential of participants which will lead to new understanding and methodology to tackle Peace and Conflict;

Participants Profile :

We seek for 40 participants ( 5 per each country) who are passionate either about Peace building and/or outdoor;

We want participants who want to be part of the change , who are eager to make a change .

We wait for the participants who desire to inspire others.

Wide-Open Windows - The Youth Exchange

Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 9pm to Thursday, Nov. 6th, 11pm

12 Zeesserweg

Ommen, OV

APV (Advanced Planned Meeting ) will take place on 15th and 16th of September 2014.

We expect 8 representatives of each partner organizations. The aim of the APV is to bring 8 leaders from partner countries and plan the all important details beforehand.

Agenda Wise

Wide-Open Windows Team invites you to step in adventurous Fall 2014 :

  • We offer possibilities for interested stakeholders to share their experience and knowledge among each other.
  • We give you an open space to combine different approaches from different fields.
  • We challenge you to challenge your way of thinking .
  • We aim to enhance your creativity by using different methodology.
  • We invite you to play games, the real outdoor games.
  • We want to write new chapter in Peace building and conflict management with you.
  • We want to mark new path which leads to innovation and we invite you to stand next to us.
  • We intend to open new windows and see what lies beyond

Synergy Olde Vechte Foundation

Since 1966, the Olde Vechte Foundation has been functioning as a training center for informal learning in Ommen, the Netherlands.The training centers are open to anyone who is motivated to improve personal and professional skills in order to create a better society and a higher quality of life. Striving to bring spirit and energy to each individual, the trainings and projects of Olde Vechte Foundation take learning as an organic process stemming from the diversity of talents and desires of the people involved. It is a living, learning, working and multicultural environment, colored by its international volunteers.