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Back to School Issue

International Dot Day is September 15ish

International Dot Day is based on the book, The Dot. It is a day to celebrate each person's individuality, yet at the same time how we connect. There will be many online ways to connect to other classes. The guide is free and has some good ideas. Sign up is free! I will be celebrating the week of Sept. 10th.

Global Read Aloud

Another Way to Collaborate

Pernille Ripp started this project. It runs for the month of October and this year's choices are Charlotte's Web and The One and Only Ivan. Personally, we will be reading Ivan in 3C- it is a GREAT book!

I have lots more to share

I had fun playing with technology this summer and reading LOTS! Ask me if you want any ideas about either (I may not wait for you to ask, but I will try!).
Have a great school year!