The History Of Africa

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1) What was the European country that started colonizing/slave trading in Africa? 2) What were 3 things that were traded in triangular trade? 3) what was the effect of the Berlin conference? 4) what were three reasons for colonization of Africa? 5) What were two reasons Europeans "needed" slaves from Africa? 6) What is Imperialism? 7) What religion were the Europeans spreading? 8) What was the Middle Passage? 9) What were the only two countries that weren't colonized by Europeans? 10) What is Nationalism? (scroll to the bottom of this page to get Anwsers)

The Apartheid in South Africa

The Apartheid took place in south Africa. It is the mistreatment and segregation of races the the British deemed "lower class" and "inferior". Apartheid discriminated blacks and they were unable to go to certain hospitals, restaurants, and schools. They were even forced to live in separate districts from whites. Nelson Mandela was Once the Leader of a non violent anti-Apartheid group, later he became South Africa's first democratically elected leader. The leader the ended the Apartheid was F.W. de Clark.


If you want more info go to CIA Wold Factbook

North American News Paper

Hello This is Jonas Smith reporting with the latest in Africa. Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa have broken Away from the British empire. Now all three are organizing their own Governments. Kenya gained its independence 1964. After ten years of the Mau Mau and on top of the costly victory of WWII the British were tired of fighting so they reorganized it as a republic, after that they over saw the elections and declared it an independent country, and their first leader was Jommo Kenyatta. In Nigeria a year earlier in 1963 the country signed its declaration of Independence. The British again set up the government and the first elected leader was Dr. Azikiwe. South Africa Gained its independence in 1961. Towards the mid to late 50s some groups became fed up with apartheid and bombed police stations and power plants until the British decided it would be better to leave South Africa, so F.W. de klark ended apartheid. after that Nelson Mandala was elected in the first multi-racial election.

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