What Osteosarcoma is and the Treatment Needed

Osteosarcoma is cancerous bone tumor that usually develops in teenagers. It usually found in the leg. Then it will spread to the lungs or else where in the body.

Treatment for Osteosarcoma is usually many rounds of kemo and half way through the kemo they will do surgery on the infected area to try to remove the cancer cells.


Try to keep hope even during the rough times. Also have your love ones come visit you in the hospital.


Have one of your parents stay overnight at the hospital with you. Also have one of your friends come visit you when you're not in for treatment.


You always want to keep a positive outlook when going through kemo. Try to stay happy even when it gets bad.


After you're done with kemo you have to come back every 3 months for a check up. Next you have to rehab after you recover from your surgery and you want to get as much rest as you can. Also try to have some what of a healthy diet.