Alesha Latif

Date: June 15

Time of Demo: 12:30pm

Description Of Activity: Wash & Complimentary Blow-Dry

Being a hairstylist/colorist assistant doing washes and complimentary blow-dries are one of the tasks that we do. Washes should be completed within the given times.


I have chosen to show you how to do a wash and blow-dry because it is one of the main tasks that the assistants get asked to do on a daily basis.

Details of the Activity:

1. Greet client, offer a drink.

2. Walk and sit client down at the sinks.

3. Chose appropriate hair products to fit the clients needs.

4. Place towel around neck & lay the clients head back.

5. Wet the clients hair just so there's enough water to lather in shampoo. Apply shampoo to the scalp of clients head, scrub & rinse.

*Female clients require 2 shampoos, unless said otherwise.

6. Grab hot towel & place on the neck of the client.

7. Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair.

8. Gently massage remaining conditioner on the scalp, giving the client a scalp massage. Then, rinse conditioner out.

9. Ask the client to sit up, dry their hair with the towel you first placed on them to prevent from dripping everywhere.

10. Walk client over to station for complimentary blow-dry.

Required Materials:

- blow dryer

- round brush

- paddle brush

- hair products

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:

- latex gloves (optional)