Carl Sagan

The inspiration to science

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan was an astronomer. He decided his path when he was pretty young. He was very interested in space when he was little. He would ask other people about what stars were made of, but they just said “They’re lights in the sky kid.” Carl Sagan was confused about what that was supposed to mean. Were stars really just lamps hovering in the air? Right when he got his first library card, He got a book about stars. This was the point in which he found his passion.

Carl Sagan wrote books too. This was how he taught others. He wrote many different books about the things in space. He mostly had to research and discover these things on his own. " I wish I could tell you about inspirational teachers in science from my elementary or junior high school days, but as I think back on it, there were none." -Carl Sagan, SAGAN, Carl, 1934-1996; ASTRONOMERS; EXTRATERRESTRIAL life; TELEVISION programs; COSMOS: A Space-time Odyssey (TV program)

While helping with NASA space missions, he was being a huge help to the

discovery of the moon. If it weren't for him, maybe we wouldn’t know some of the things that we now know about space. He has even traveled in space himself. Although he really wanted to discover more of space, he wanted us to leave mars alone to preserve mars for the martians. Even if there is life on mars, Carl Sagan wanted NASA to leave it alone.

All of his life, one of the things that Carl Sagan really wanted to do in space was discover an alien. Fascinated, Carl Sagan spent his free time researching the possibilities of life in space. Since we still don’t know if there is life in space for sure yet, we know that as much as Carl Sagan wished to see an alien, he didn’t discover one. Someday, he thought, an alien will be discovered.

Carl Sagan was very fascinated and interested in space and contributed a lot to science. He got a chance to visit space himself which gave him even more knowledge about what space is like. Carl Sagan was important and everyone should know what he did as a scientist.


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