Tree Project

Live Oak and Texas Red Oak

LIve Oak

They grow at a rate of 2-2.5 feet per year.They grow best in dens forest and near the oceacn. They tend to live up to 200 years. It's leaks are ovel shaped,green and have a reflection to one half of the leaf to a nother.They produce acorns. They reproduce by droping there acorns then the wind or animals spread them out. Turtles, turkeys, ducks, jays, quail and bears depend on this tree. This tree is limited do to humans cuting them down. Parisites like worms and termites infect the tree and sometimes kill it. It needs water dirt the sun and air to live. long and short term effects on the TMS campus more wild life will come to the campus and more shad and leafs will apear.

Texas Red Oak

The grow at a rapid rate up to 75 feet tall. It grows best in texas soil. It lives up to 100 years. It's leafs are green with a pattern on each side. It produces yellow flowers in the spring. The reproduction meathod is slow. The seeds from the flowrs have to fall then go with the wind.Smaller animals are dependint on this tree because the animals need it for shelter and food.Humans limit this tree because the what them in frount of houses and in yards. No parrisites affict this tree.It needs the abotic factors of water dirt sunlight and air. It has no short term affects because it reproduces slowly. It does have long trem affects because there are a lot of them. This tree provids natural look to it it effects the ecosystem by bringing in wild life.

Some pictures of LIve Oak and Texas Red Oak

What do i need to do to grow a tree in my yard?

To grow a tree in your yard you will need to dig a hole. Around the tree hole you should make bowl out of dirt. This will drane water down to the tree. You should water it normaly and  cleand up its leafs and other things it drops.