KIS PD Sessions December 10, 2014

We sprinkled in an extra PD day! Submit your choice below.

Since we do not have a scheduled PD date for November or December, we are sneaking in one more set of PD choices for you on December 10 instead of a correlate meeting. Also, in January and February, we will have some math PD that is required for math teachers, so take advantage of your choice this month.

Putting Together the Pieces of ELA

Teaching the multiple strands and many standards of Language Arts can be overwhelming, and standards-based report cards has us looking at individual standards more than before. Come be reminded of the beauty of integrating the standards of ELA!

This session will focus on planning an ELA unit that engages students, helps them make connections, and can still address whole group, small group, and individual needs. An example of an unit will be shared, and there will be time for discussion and planning.

Vocabulary Make and Take Workshop using PicCollage and Thinglink iPad apps

Having trouble getting your students to remember Science vocabulary in current and past units? Learn to use PicCollage and Thinglink to create (and have students create) scrapbook pages and channels (like YouTube channels) to reinforce and review content vocabulary before EOG assessments begin. You will get to practice and leave with a product, as well as ideas for engaging students to learn and retain Science vocabulary with these iPad apps.

Math Articles and Discussion: Minor Changes for Major Impact

Come choose from some relevant math articles and participate in group discussion. Articles will focus on integrating mathematical practices and subtle minor instructional changes that can have a major impact on student understanding.

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