NADA Motorcycle Vs KBB Motorcycle

Finding the right deal for your Motorcycle!

If you are considering to buy or sell a motorcycle, you must evaluate its price on the Blue Book Guides like NADA Guide or Kelley Blue Book. Although these Blue Books are famous for providing appraisals for cars but it also provides estimates for motorcycles as well.

If you are using any of these guides, you should know their basis for estimating prices. NADA motorcycle values are based on dealer wholesale prices while KBB Motorcycle values contain estimates of retail prices. So, they might tend to provide different values, probably extreme differences making you confused about which one to follow.

You will have to learn their estimates by studying various ads, numerous completed deals, and even talking to as many buyers and dealers as you can. Typically, most people who consider KBB and NADA guide find that the actual retail market price is somewhere in the middle of the two extremes provided by the two.