“Theme in Julius Caesar

By Mariana Tapia


In William Shakespeare’s Tragedy Julius Cesar, he endeavors how the use of words can result in the most powerful type of authority that can have the ability to have events occur through the use of rhetoric devices and

"Brutus Hath told you Cesar was ambitious. And Brutus is an honorable man"

Marc Antony was granted the opportunity to give a speech by the conspirators, knowing fully he was to be respectful towards them and the crowd . evidently throughout his speech it contained bitter irony and had appealed to the crowds emotion to slowly begin to question Cesar's death and the conspirator's objective which thus resulted in the crowd changing sides over to Marc Antony

one of the techniques he used was repetition/ethos by repeatedly saying the above quote which brings up Brutus's speech using irony that mocks Brutus's validity and degrades his speech.

Therefore, good Brutus, be prepared to hear. And since you know you cannot see yourself So well as by reflection, I, your glass, Will modestly discover to yourself That of yourself which you yet know not of.

another example was where Cassius was able to persuade Brutus the view he had upon his best friend Caesar. appearing as a good friend to Brutus and showing him he was not leading him into the wrong path he made Brutus wanting to here more what he was to say using Ethos that made him seem to be credible and continues on his story.