Urinary System

By Ellie Meyer

4 functions of urinary

The urinary system cleans the blood and monitors how much water is in your body. It also filters the blood and gets rid of the junk and makes urine.

The organs of the urinary system





Main funtion for each organ in the system


The kidney takes the waste out of the blood stream and cleans the bloodstream then passes the junk to the bladder.


The bladder holds the urine


The liver holds the worn out blood cells and sends it to the kidney


The ureter takes the urine from kidney to bladder

The Kidney

The kidney cleans the blood and makes the urine. The kidney can filter the blood about 25 times a day. Then it passes the urine to the bladder.

Diseases in the urinary system

Guam disease

kidney cancer

Diabetes can cause problems with the urinary system

Kidney disease- The cause of kidney disease is damage to kidneys nephron. The symptoms are poison inside the body that damage the kidney. The treatments are you can either have someone donate a kidney or go through a process called dialysis.

What system interacts with the urinary system

The circulatory system interacts with the urinary system because the blood that passes the the circulatory system is passed on to go through the kidney

Could you live without any organs from the urinary system

no because you can't live without the urinary system and every part of the urinary system works together