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December/ IGSD Newsletter

From the Office of Stephanie Hubbard:

IG Panthers,

Each Fall, the Office of Educational Accountability (OEA) at the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) issues Accountability Report Cards for schools and districts in Wisconsin. The report cards present key information related to outcomes for students as measured by statewide assessments, attendance, staying in school, and high school completion.

Iowa-Grant has worked hard to make improvements that impact our students positively. We are proud that our district is on a trajectory of continuous improvement and that this work is being recognized by the state report card. We have posted our district and school report cards on our website ( The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has additional information on school and district report cards at:

On November 12th IGEMS had an assembly to congratulate our students and staff for their hard work. The high school band played as the students came down for a big reveal that IGEMS earned a 5 star status. Our district Panther and Mrs. Oberfoell shared this with us through a cute skit about working hard and persistence.

Whole school performance cannot be captured in any one report, but we are very proud of our students, staff and community for the work that they do each day to help us reach for those 5 stars! Kind words from community members and families to our students and staff would be appreciated as we are trying to show our appreciation for those who go above and beyond for the betterment of our students.

Stephanie Hubbard, Superintendent, Iowa Grant School District

Office: 608-943-6311 ext 3018 Email:


Notice is hereby given, that at an election is to be held in the Iowa-Grant School District on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The following offices are to be elected to succeed the present incumbents listed. The term of office for both areas is 3 years. The person elected to each area will begin his/her term on Monday, April 27, 2020.

Office Incumbent

1.) Area 7 (Cobb/Linden/Rewey At-Large) Kristin Spurley

2.) Area 3 (Montfort) Rachel Zimmer

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that a Campaign Registration Statement and a Declaration of Candidacy, must be filed no later than 5:00 p.m., on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, in the District Office.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that if a primary is necessary, the primary will be held on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

A description of the school district boundaries can be obtained from the District Office.

Dated this 21st day of November 2019.

Kristin Spurley

School District Clerk

Employment Opportunities

The Iowa-Grant School District is currently seeking individuals interested in substitute teaching, coaching, and/or custodial positions that have a strong set of ethics. Candidates should be responsible and have values that help our students reach their full potential. Those who work for us who love children have found immensely rewarding careers. Not only do our employees love what they do, but they are excited to wake up knowing they will make a positive difference in the lives of children. If you love kids, and you have some time to spare, please consider applying. Listed below are the current positions open in the district:

  • Full Time Custodian 2nd Shift (We have a generous benefits package!)

  • Substitutes for Teachers

  • Substitute for PM Custodians

  • Substitutes for Cooks

  • Substitute Classroom Teacher Assistants

  • High School Head Golf Coach

  • 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach

  • 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach

  • Middle School Wrestling Coach

  • Warco is also hiring drivers for IG bus routes- call 608-943-6781

Please check out our website ( or contact Cathy Kohlenberg ( or 608-943-6311 ext 3014) for more information.

S. Hubbard


Prescription meds at school (including inhalers, eye drops, ear drops, ointments) must be in the original container with the hyperlinked form signed by the MD and the parent.

Over-the-counter meds at school (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cough drops) must also be in the original container and require the hyperlinked form signed by the parent only and turned into the office so we can administer as directed by you.

Additional information and these forms can be found at: . Please don't hesitate to contact Nurse Sharon Friederick at 608-943-6311 ext 3019 or email her at if you have any questions.

When Should I Keep My Child Home From School Because of Illness?

As general guidelines, keep your child home if:

  1. He/she has a fever- temperature above 100 Fahrenheit

  2. He/she is not well enough to participate in class

  3. You think she may be contagious to other children

Specific reasons to keep your child home:

Fever – A child needs to stay at home until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of antipyretics (Tylenol/Ibuprofen)

Vomiting/Diarrhea - A child with vomiting and/or diarrhea needs to stay home from school. Your child can return to school when the symptoms have stopped for 24 hours and the child can tolerate a regular diet.

Rash - A rash with symptoms such as trouble breathing or swallowing, fever, or ill appearance, should be evaluated by your physician.

Sore throat - Children can attend school with mild sore throats if no other symptoms are occurring. Any child with a sore throat associated with fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, or difficulty swallowing should be seen by a doctor. A child with strep throat needs to stay out of school until on antibiotics for 24 hours.

Cough - Cough alone may not prevent your child from attending school unless it is interfering with a child’s sleep or ability to participate in school activities.

Pinkeye - Pinkeye (conjunctivitis) is contagious, and children should stay home from school for the first 24 hours after treatment begins. Symptoms of pinkeye include eye redness, irritation, swelling, and pus.

Head lice - until after the treatment has been completed and having clean clothes to put on.

Iowa-Grant High School

IGHS Events for December

12/2 7:00 National Honor Society Ceremony

12/3 6:00 PM JV Boys Basketball vs. Highland (Home)

12/3 7:30 PM Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Highland (Home)

12/5 6:00 PM JV Girls Basketball vs. Darlington (Away)

12/5 7:00 PM Varsity Wrestling Iowa-Grant/Highland vs. Boscobel (Home)

12/5 7:30 PM Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Darlington (Away)

12/6 2:00 PM Early Release

12/6 6:00 PM JV Boys Basketball vs Darlington (Away)

12/6 7:30 PM Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Darlington (Away)

12/7 6:30 AM - 5:00 PM Music Parents' Pasty Making

12/7 9:30 AM - 10:30 PM JV Wrestling @ Stoughton High School

12/7 9:30 AM Varsity Wrestling Invitational @ Royall High School

12/9 6:00 PM JV Girls Basketball vs. Highland (Away)

12/9 6:30 PM Board Meeting

12/9 7:15 PM Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Highland (Away)

12/10 7:00 PM High School Band/Choir Concert

12/12 Progress Reports Sent Home

12/12 6:00 PM JV2 Girls Basketball vs Seneca JV (Away)

12/12 6:00 PM JV Boys Basketball vs. Cuba City (Away)

12/12 7:30 PM Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Cuba City (Away)

12/13 2:00 PM Early Release

12/13 6:00 PM JV Girls Basketball vs. Southwestern (Home)

12/13 7:00 PM Varsity Wrestling vs. Riverdale (Home)

12/13 7:30 PM Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Southwestern (Home)

12/14 8:00 AM Varsity Wrestling @ Woodside Wisconsin Dome

12/16 6:00 PM JV Girls Basketball vs. Belmont (Away)

12/16 7:30 PM Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Belmont (Away)

12/17 6:00 PM JV Boys Basketball vs. Mineral Point (Home)

12/17 7:30 PM Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Mineral Point (Home)

12/19 6:00 PM JV Boys Basketball vs. Belmont (Away)

12/19 6:00 PM JV Girls Basketball vs. Cuba City (Home)

12/19 7:30 PM Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Belmont (Away)

12/19 7:30 PM Varsity Girls Basketball vs. Cuba City (Home)

12/20 2:00 PM Early Release

12/20 Last Day of Classes before Winter Recess

12/23 No School - Vacation Day

12/24 No School - Christmas Eve

12/25 No School - Christmas Day

12/26 No School - Winter Break

12/27 No School - Winter Break

12/27 9:00 AM Varsity Wrestling @ LAX La Crosse Center

12/27 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM JV Girls Basketball Tournament (Home)

12/27 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Varsity Girls Basketball Tournament (Home)

12/28 11:00 AM JV Boys Basketball Tournament (Away)\

12/28 11:00 AM Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament (Away)

12/30 No School - Winter Break

12/31 - No School - New Year's Eve

HFHS- Watch Home IGHS Games from Florida

This year, Iowa-Grant is offering live video streaming for online for ALL Iowa-Grant Home games on the NFHS website,for grades 9-12 games. This might be a great gift for family who live out of town so they can watch their grandkids or nieces/nephews play basketball or wrestle. Currently costs are $10.99 for a monthly pass. Follow the steps below to watch live streaming:

1. Go to: - NFHS Website.

2. Type: "Iowa-Grant High School" at the top of the page.

3. Click: "Iowa-Grant High School, Livingston, WI" from drop down menu.

4. Go to: Desired Game you want to watch.

5. Go to: Subscribe to Watch

6. Costs will then be listed.

Varsity Volleyball End Season as Sectional Finalists!!

The Iowa-Grant Varsity Volleyball team had a very successful season, once again. This team

worked hard and played tough competition throughout the season to end their season on a

very strong post-season run. They won their own Iowa-Grant Invite in September and then

proceeded to finish 8-4 in the SWAL Conference for third place. Upon entering the post-season, they were selected in their Division 4 section to have the #1 seed. Not only did this give the Panthers a first-round bye but also home court advantage all the way up to the sectional final.

The Panthers definitely took advantage of playing in the new “digs” at Iowa-Grant as they won

v. Benton, Shullsburg in the Regional Championship, and Seneca in the sectional semi-final, all

at home. On Saturday, November 2nd , they traveled to Richland Center to face Hillsboro in the sectional finals, one game from state. The Panthers were able to only win one set of four,

ending their season as Sectional Finalists. This has not happened for any Panther Volleyball

team since 1997 (our last State Championship team!) The support of the Panther community

was second to none and it was a great ride for our Panther team, players, and coaches. The

Panthers finished the season at 23-13 and have now won back to back Regional Championships in 2018 and 2019. Along with these great team honors, we had 3 ladies achieve All-Conference recognition. Olivia Liddicoat and Hazel Klosterman, were each picked 1st team All-Conference, while Sydney Lundell was given Honorable Mention in the SWAL conference. And, recently, we learned that Olivia and Hazel received some statewide recognition. Olivia was chosen 1 st Team All-State by the WVCA (coaches association) in Division 4 and Hazel was given Honorable Mention All-State. Congrats to these ladies as well as the rest of the team!! It was truly a great season!!!!

Big picture

Volleyball Teams Hosts A Successful Pink Night!!

The Iowa-Grant Volleyball teams hosted a Pink Night on October 8th v. the Boscobel Bulldogs.

All 3 teams sponsored a theme basket along with a few pies were donated to raffle off at the

end of the night. Also, black t-shirts were sold that said We Rally Together to Fight Cancer all in

pink! And, all three Panther teams defeated the Bulldogs on the court. From the proceeds of

the basket raffle and t-shirts, $700.00 was raised to use towards breast cancer awareness. The

Panther volleyball teams are donating this money to the Iowa County and; Grant County Cancer

Coalitions. In the picture, you see Connie Gard and Cheryl Lee, board of directors of the Iowa

County Coalition, accepting a donation from the varsity volleyball team.

Big picture

Check It Out!!

Look what just arrived outside Coach Winkler"s office! Check it out in the high school, outside room

E-4. What a great list! Go I-G!!

Welcome-Alisha Pelton-IGHS Secretary

"I am beyond excited to become part of the Iowa-Grant family. I am a former Iowa-Grant graduate, and currently live in Cobb with my husband, Chris and our two kids, Trenton and Stevie. I am also a volunteer with the Cobb First Responders, and just recently joined the volunteer Cobb-Eden Fire Department. I look forward to working with students and staff, and learning new things everyday! Go Panthers!"

Way to go, Olivia Liddicoat!

The Heisman High School Scholarship continues a 25-year tradition of honoring high school seniors who accomplish tremendous feats in the classroom, on the field, on the court, and most importantly, within their communities. The scholarship recognizes and rewards both male and female high school athletes who are community-minded and driven to use their exceptional talents for the benefit of all. This scholarship includes school winners, state winners, and national winners.

Olivia Liddicoat was nominated by her volleyball coach, Marla Simon, for this scholarship. Among the many thousands of students that were nominated for this scholarship, Livvy was picked as one of the school winners. She then continued onto the state winner process. At that level, one male and one female athlete were chosen to represent the state of Wisconsin. Although Livvy did not get chosen as the state of Wisconsin female representative, we are very proud of Livvy and of her recognition as a school winner in this scholarship process. Congratulations Liv!!!

Iowa-Grant Elementary/Middle School

IGEMS Events For December

12/2 - 4 pm Jr High Boys Basketball Game vs. Mineral Point (Away)

12/3 - 4 pm Jr High Boys Basketball Game vs. Dodgeville (Away)

12/4 - 2 pm Kindergarten Program @ IGEMS

12/5 - 4 pm Jr High Boys Basketball Game vs. River Ridge (Away)

12/7 - 6:30 am Music Parents Pasty Making

12/9 - 12/11 - 1st Grade Christmas Store

12/12 - Progress Reports Sent Home

12/12 - 7 pm Middle School Band/Choir Concert

12/18 - 2 pm Elementary Program

12/19 - 2 pm Elementary Program (alternate date)

12/20 - 2 pm Early Dismissal - Last Day of Classes


7th & 8th Grade Quarter 1 Honor Roll


8th Grade

Meagan Cullen, Bentley Cutts, Amiah Fisher, Grace Gochenaur, Adriana Jelle, Kaden Lindner, Elyse Linscheid, MaKaya McCarthy, Emmerson Moen, Lillian Pettit, Rachel Rickard, Ashton Schmitz, Rylee Stecklein, Sophie Volenec, Lillian Warne & Landon Wetzel

7th Grade

Lucas Christiansen, Bret Connolly, Lakyn Holman, Jacob Phillips, Dawson Reid & Katie Rickard


8th Grade

Keigan Cartwright, Nikolei Freymiller, Brach Holman, Matthew Rockwell, Alaina Schultz, Cyle Steffl & Morgan Washburn

7th Grade

Landon Budworth, Riellyn Cartwright, Linnea Elg, Aiden Friesen, Gavin Hinderman, Kayden Klein, Breann Kohlenberg, Baylee Leix, Landon Lengyel, Kaycee Lindner, Ava Orth, Myles Rowe, Addison Schafer, Addysen Spink, & William Whitaker

IGEMS Toy Drive

Celebrate the season of giving by sharing your new or gently used toys and books with the families of the Iowa-Grant School District! If your child has outgrown a toy or that toy they had to have last year has been sitting on the shelf for the last 6 months, now is the time to send it to a new home where it can be loved by another child! Toys and books will be collected from now until December 6th. Please no stuffed animals!

Any toys and books collected will be made available to families in the district who struggle financially to provide for their families during the holiday season. Toy distribution night will take place on Tuesday, December 10th from 4:00 to 7:00 in the IGEMS library.

Snow date is Wednesday, December 11th. Thank you for your generosity!

Global Read Aloud

During their library classes, the second grade students participated in the Global Read Aloud Picture Book Study. They learned about the author and illustrator, Yuyi Morales and listened to many of her stories. Favorites of the students were: Dreamers, Nino Wrestles the World, and Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book. The students enjoyed receiving mail through a postcard exchange with other classes around the world who were reading these books at the same time they were. Mrs. Bast chose to participate in the GRA because she wanted the children to realize we are all part of something bigger, and we can connect with others through a shared experience such as reading. In her opinion, the highlight of the unit was when a parent of a second grader assisted her with the reading of the book, Little Night/Nochecita. Sharing the story with the students in both English and Spanish was a special moment for the adults as well as the children. Mrs. Bast encourages parents to continue reading aloud to their kids at home, even their older children. For information about the value of reading aloud check out these articles: Why Reading Aloud to Kids Helps Them Thrive and The Hidden Benefits of Reading Aloud - Even for Older Kids.


The IGEMS first graders will once again be sponsoring a CHRISTMAS STORE. This store allows all elementary students to buy two gifts for only 25 cents each. If you have any gently used items that you would like to donate to our store, we would gladly accept your donations.

Donations can be dropped off in the office of IGEMS. The Christmas Store will be open the week of December 9th.

Thank you for your generosity!

Britany Lynch, Molly Leibfried & Brenda Wasley

“Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference.”

Fourth grade students, along with their teachers, are hoping to make a difference this holiday season. In place of exchanging gifts in our rooms, we will be collecting items for members of our military who are in training in the United States and serving overseas. We are looking for names of individuals with Iowa-Grant ties, who are currently serving in the military. Our plan is to send care packages their way. Please contact,, or with information and/or donations. Monetary donations will go toward postage and additional supplies. Check out the list of items that we can include in our packages. Donations can be dropped off in our IGEMS office. We will collect items up until December 13th. Please consider donating:

  • High-quality socks, soap, shampoo, body wash, face wash, toothpaste, toothbrush and floss, Deodorant (travel size/non-aerosol), lip balm, foot powder, baby wipes, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, pain-relieving topical cream (not a necessity, but can be a real luxury), Vicks VapoRub, hand warmers, sewing kits, lens cleaning cloths, hot sauce (a great commodity to have around, and the convenience of Taco Bell sauce packets are great to have in the field). water flavoring packets (many places we are deployed are very hot, and we need to constantly remain hydrated), beef jerky, sunflower seeds, Slim Jims, protein bars, or gum

Gingerbread Village

IGEMS parents joined together to deck the halls! There was tons of creativity involved with the creation of this year's gingerbread village.

Congratulations to these three 8th grade students!

The Montfort VFW recently hosted the Patriot's Pen essay contest. Students were to write a 300-400 word essay on What Makes America Great. Our local VFW chose Sophie V. as the winner of the IG contest. Sophie was awarded a $50 check from the Montfort VFW during the Veterans Day program at IGEMS on Monday. Charles H. received second place and Makaya M. received third place in the contest and will be awarded $25 each. Sophie & Charles will have their essay forwarded on to the district competition. We are Panther Proud of you & your writing skills!

Holiday Giving & Teacher Wish List

IGEMS staff are often asked what we need. We have an IGEMS Projects Fund that provides funding for many of the services at IGEMS, such as Panther Packs for students, support for families struggling with lunch account balances, and various items our school needs and our teachers need for classrooms. If you are looking to donate, please consider our IGEMS Projects Fund or see our IGEMS Wish List for December.

Coffee With The Principals on December 10th

Parents, please join us from 8:15-9:00 a.m. for coffee and conversation. Learn about IGEMS and the opportunities we offer our Panthers. Social time 15 minutes before and after. Please come to the IGEMS office, if you can attend. We hope to see you there! This month’s topics: Attendance and Student engagement.

About Iowa-Grant School District

Our Mission is to work in partnership with the community to empower all student to reach their full potential as responsible individuals who strive for life-long learning to successfully compete in an ever-changing global society.