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August 17


Back to School--August 17, 2020


Welcome Back Berkner High School STEM Academy Rams to the 20-21 school year! I am your head principal, Kristy A. Cage. I never imagined that we would begin this school year virtually, but I am glad that we will get back to learning, and I know the teachers have missed you tremendously.

School will begin virtually on Wednesday, August 19th and will continue virtually for all students through Thursday, September 3rd. Friday, September 4th and Monday, September 7th are student holidays. On Tuesday, September 8th, those students who have elected the virtual learning model will continue their schooling online, while those who elected the face-to-face learning model will return in person to the Berkner High School physical campus. All students will continue to follow the same schedule they received at the beginning of the school year. Please be aware that all RISD secondary schools will now follow a block schedule, which can be found on the BHS website, the Berkner Bulletin, and the Berkner Parent Hub. During virtual learning, all students will have “A” lunch (11:35am-12:05pm).

On tomorrow, Tuesday, August 18th, students will electronically receive and have access to their schedules in Focus. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we diligently worked to create both virtual and face-to-face schedules. Additionally, students will be both invited to join their teachers’ Google classrooms and receive instructions on how to join their teachers’ Google Classrooms. Once enrolled into Google Classrooms, teachers will share Zoom links, so students can follow their schedules and attend all of their classes virtually. Students will be expected to virtually attend all of their classes at the appropriate time, beginning at 9:00am and ending at 4:20pm.

During the first 4 days of school, teachers will get to know their students, present team-building activities, guide students through virtual learning in their classrooms, present internet and Zoom etiquette, present classroom expectations, and share tips for online learning. No academic content will be presented prior to Tuesday, August 25th.

We realize that this is a new way to start the school year and there is a lot of information to be familiar with; therefore, we have created a parent website that will be linked to the Berkner High School webpage where you can find important information.

I look forward to being able to see all of my RAMILY students face-to-face in September, and I hope you have a RAMTASTIC 20-21 school year full of learning and fun.

Kristy A. Cage



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COVID-19 Response Update - August 13, 2020
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Berkner summer strength and conditioning has been given the green light to resume as of Wednesday the 12th of August. This means fall sports (Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Team Tennis, and Football) can begin to train their athletes here at the school. Make sure you check with the head coach of each sport to determine the dates and times of each. Football will begin and continue each day from 7am to 9am through September 8th.

It is imperative beginning August 19 that each athlete is cleared through Rank One. This means you must have all the proper medical paperwork digitally signed and submitted so our trainers will not prevent your athlete from participating in the sport they want to play. If there are questions please contact James Coffman or Brittany Chance in our trainer’s office.

We totally understand many of you are wondering about athletic schedules so you can begin to plan for the fall. We totally get it. However there have been so many changes, even this week, that we are afraid to post schedules until we get a little more clarity. Hopefully within the next week we can begin to post some of those. Thank you for your patience in working with us during this period of uncertainty.

Berkner Athletic Department

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Anyone interested in trying out for the 2020/2021 Berkner Ram Volleyball team will need to complete the following link The following information will allow Coach Belcher to keep you up to date with upcoming volleyball information.

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Common Device Costs for Repair and Replacement

(this document will be updated as common costs are added)


Entire Unit: $238

Case: $15

Charger: $52

Base Enclosure: $63

EE Rubber Kit: $26

EE Top Cover: $81

EE LCD Screen: $198

G5 System Board: $261 (water damage = new unit)

(Identify the chromebook: G5 has no hard rubber surround. EE does.)


Cradlepoint: $308

Franklin: $149


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Transcript Requests

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