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Animal Lover: Rachel Howland of Milwaukee

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is a major animal lover. These days, adopting a cat or dog might be as simple as going on YouTube and subscribing to your favorite pet channel. Whether it's Grumpy Cat, or Shark Cat (RIP), millions of people are spending one on one time with pets they've never even met in person as a way to get a good laugh and a warm fuzzy feeling to boot.

However, when it comes to a hardcore animal lover like Rachel Howland of Milwaukee, remote YouTube relationships simply won't do – especially considering the millions of abandoned and neglected pets out there. There's a good reason why Bob Barker, formerly of “The Price Is Right” would sign off each show with 'help control the pet population. . .’

Having grown up with a cat named 'Mittens', she has always known the joy and bliss of curling up to bed with a furry and friendly four-legged friend.

One of Rachel Howland of Milwaukee's most favorite charities to support is a place that provides a sanctuary to neglected and homeless pets; Paws Chicago. Paws Chicago has been a wonderful outlet for many animal lovers to not only spend time with animals in need, but give back to their communities by helping to humanely control the pet population.

If you are interested in pets, consider going beyond merely watching videos of them on YouTube and take a stroll to your local animal shelter to discover what you can do to help.

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Rachel Howland of Milwaukee: Yoga and Fitness Enthusiast

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is an advocate for those who often go unheard. She is a voice for people deprived of their civil rights and who need help fighting the battle against oppression. She is especially committed to supporting the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community within Chicago, Illinois, her current home town. However, Rachel Howland doesn’t just serve within the philanthropic realm; she has made a career out of helping people in desperate need of care. She is an Occupational Therapist for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Helping people who have developmental disabilities is especially fulfilling for Rachel; she derives an immense amount of satisfaction simply making the lives of these individuals easier. Her responsibilities include helping them dress, shower, show up on time to doctors appointments, and essentially anything that can help them make it through the day a little bit better. However, it’s not just what she does that gives her satisfaction, but the freedom that the job itself provides. Being independent, she is able to travel and work from anywhere in the country as she often works within the homes of her clients.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee thoroughly enjoys her current field of work. As an Occupational Therapist for people who are developmentally delayed, she is able to enjoy the freedom most people in her position wouldn’t usually have. Being able to work for who, when, and where she wants, Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is able to enjoy her passion for fitness and sports. She is an avid yoga practitioner who has been practicing various styles since college. She also participates in the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association Softball league.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee: The Duties of an Occupational Therapist

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is dedicated to helping others. Although she is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin native, she currently lives and works in the Chicago, Illinois area as an Occupational Therapist for people with developmental disabilities. She thoroughly enjoys her current position because not only does she derive the satisfaction that comes from helping those in need, but she also has the freedom of an independent contractor. Due to the fact that she is independent, Rachel Howland is able to travel and work wherever she feels called. Although she mainly works from her current home town of Chicago, she has worked all over the United States of American including New Mexico, New York, and Colorado. As an Occupational Therapist for adults and children with developmental disabilities, she is responsible for essentially making the lives of these people a little bit easier. She helps them learn to dress, shower, go to doctor’s appointments, and even develop strategies that make their days more convenient for them to handle. Her work reflects her personal outlook on the world around her; help those who cannot help themselves.

Although Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is currently working as an independent Occupational Therapist for adults and children with developmental disabilities, meaning she enjoys the freedom of an independent contractor, her job still requires an immense amount of hands on work. Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is responsible for teaching the daily responsibilities any person would need to run a home, with a focus on people with developmental disabilities. She teaches cooking, cleaning, organizing holidays, doing the laundry, and any other task that may arise in a given day. Most of these tasks may seem mundane, but for the individuals with with developmental disabilities, learning these skills is a step towards indepence.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee - A Life In Service

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee deeply devoted to serving the community and people around her. Although she is a native to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she left home for the city of Chicago, Illinois in her early 20’s. She has always felt a calling to serve those less fortunate than her and found a way to making serving her community a full time career. Rachel Howland is an Occupational Therapist for developmentally delayed individuals. Not only does this mean that she gets to serve the community in which she lives while getting paid, but she also enjoys the freedom that all independent contractors enjoy; the freedom to travel, make her own hours, and work from anywhere her services are needed. She thoroughly enjoys helping individuals with development disabilities and traumatic injury and is devoted to making their lives as easy as they can be. Rachel Howland also volunteers for Lambda Legal, a legal organization that supports the civil rights of gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual individuals. She also is an avid theatre lover who enjoys the productions by the About Face Theatre, which is a troupe that features works created by the lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual community.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee strives to make a difference in peoples’ lives one person at a time. She is not only an Occupational Therapist for people with developmental disabilities, but she is also an advocate for civil rights within the gay lesbian, transgender, and bisexual community. She regularly volunteers for Lambda Legal, which is an organization that provides a legal voice for the lesbian, transgender, gay, and bisexual community all around the country. Rachel Howland of Milwaukee also enjoys supporting About Face Theatre, which is a fine arts group that created a niche for the lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual community of Chicago, Illinois.

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Rachel Howland of Milwaukee - Benefits of Volunteering

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, where she moved after completing her college studies. Her desire to help developmentally disabled patients achieve their occupational goals led her to become an occupational therapist. On a daily basis, she works with adults and children to ensure that their days are much easier to move around and undertake the activities they want. Her work reflects a deep desire to help those who cannot help themselves. More to her profession, Rachel volunteers with various charitable organizations in the Chicago area, all of which work to make the community a better place to live. From her experiences, she shares the benefits of volunteering.

Help the needy

Over time, Rachel Howland of Milwaukee has come to understand that needy in the modern world can be manifested in various ways. While the conventional thinking is that the needy may be the homeless and the hungry, Rachel has realized a lot more people are in need of help in various ways. Her volunteer efforts have largely concentrated on advocacy work for the gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual community, a group of people she feels modern society is yet to embrace fully and who deserve equal treatment.

Meet new people

Through her volunteer efforts, Rachel Howland of Milwaukee has interacted with numerous people who share her desire to give back to the community. Her social circle is constantly expanding, with each new interaction broadening her perspectives of life and volunteer work.

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Rachel Howland of Milwaukee - A Unique Caregiver

Occupational therapists, like many caregivers in the healthcare industry, are charged with a unique task unlike many other occupations; to show love and care to the individuals who need it the most. As Rachel Howland of Milwaukee knows, maintaining such an attitude requires a lot of patience. The rewards for occupational therapists go beyond monetary returns; the sense of satisfaction and happiness is much better.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee has practiced occupational therapy ever since she moved to Chicago, Illinois upon completing college. With a number of years of experience, she found it easier to work as an independent caregiver. That means she keeps her schedule and takes appointments both within and outside the city. On many occasions, her services are required in neighboring states. In such occasions, she appreciates the ability to travel and work at the same time.

When she is not working, Rachel Howland of Milwaukee loves to volunteer for good causes. Advocating the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals is among one of the causes. She is a regular volunteer at Lambda Legal, which is a legal organization that provides legal aid to individuals in the LGBT community. In addition, Rachel is a proud supporter of About Face Theatre, which is a fine arts group that produces original works for the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual community of Chicago, Illinois.

At the end of a busy day, Rachel loves to engage in yoga, which she has practiced for her years. The exercise keeps her fit, focused and stress-free.

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Improve Theater with Rachel Howland of Milwaukee

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee is a highly active improvisational actor. Starting her professional experience in the theater while attending college, her knack and inborn talent for improvisational theater became clear at the onset of her theater foray.

While most people are aware of improvisational theater when it comes to comedic or other types of performance art, it is important to note that improvisational theater is also increasingly popular in the workplace.

Numerous companies have commissioned professional improvisational actors to help instruct their employees on how to utilize various trademarks of improvisational acting.

Improvisational acting is characterized by its non-scripted nature. According to Rachel Howland of Milwaukee, some of the best ways to harness one's natural ability to improvise is to take an improvisational theater class, or join an improvisational acting group.

Improvisational acting is often observed in its utilization in popular skit shows such as “Who's Line Is It Anyway” and “Saturday Night Live". It is also present off-stage in mock trials, and a variety of other professional sectors.

Rachel Howland of Milwaukee recommends the following tips to aspiring improvisational actors:

  • Stay focused. When performing an improvisational skit, it's easy to lose sight of the major themes involved with the skit itself; whether it be integrating audience suggestions or staying in a particular character.

  • Be flexible. Improvising is all about being light on your feet, says Rachel Howland of Milwaukee. When performing a skit, for example, knowing when to adjust or 'bend' the rules is all part of what makes a great improvisational performance come together.
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