Ryleigh Ackerman

Entering Data, and manipulate data

Entering data is very simple, all you have to do is is enter the data in the rows and columns. Its that simple. Now for manipulating the data can get a little big trickier, but it can be easy if you get it, So this is what you do if you are adding you type do equal sum and the highlight the rows with whatever you are adding. And then what you do if you want the highest amount or the smallest amount you do the same but put equal max for the highest, and for the lowest amount you type equal min. Also a trick is instead of typing all of the days you can just slide it over and it will duplicate it to all the days pretty easy.

Formatting the data

When you format the data you can add currency/money sign, and you can add percentages. You will find those on the tool bar and all you do is click on it and it will put it there for you. Also a shortcut to do is highlight the number with the currency sign or percentage sign and pull it down with the little dot on the bottom right corner and it will copy the currency sign or percentage sign to all of them so you don't have to keep clicking on it. Also another thing you can do is add background colors and change the fonts. To add background colors you highlight whatever you want to add color to and click on the down arrow by the box with a color in it and choose the color you want and it will give you the background.

making charts

For making charts you click on the button that has bar lines like a chart towards the right on the tool bar. You click on charts and choose the one you want like flow chart, bar, line, or map chart, theres many to choose from, but the ones in grey you can't choose they are not available. Then you click customize and you can give it a title and then choose the background color, and the writing color. Also you can enter you data from the spreadsheet to your chart by highlighting everything you want and it will automatically put in on there for you. After your done with that you can put it on its own sheet, and to do that the chart will be there and you click on the down arrow on the top right corner on the spreadsheet and click move to own sheet and thats how you move it. Spreadsheets is an awesome and fun way to enter data there is many things you can do with it, plus you will love using this when you get older.