Caribou Coffee's "clean label"

Ashley Buckingham

Real or Fake Ingredients?

Costumers are demanding more shorter and familiar ingredient lists. Caribou is trying to release there new "clean label" with real ingredients. Many have suggested this for a while and other coffee shops have switched to real ingredients as well. Such as Starbucks releasing their "real pure pumpkin" in there pumpkin spice lattes.
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Coffeehouse Plans

Since people are more and more concerned about what is in their coffee and what they are consuming, coffeehouses worldwide are starting with a "clean label" in 2016. The clean label with these coffeehouses start with making vanilla syrup real. To make vanilla syrup "real" it must contains pure cane sugar, water, natural vanilla flavor, and vanilla bean extract.
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David Marshall, Caribou lead chef stats.....

According to David Marshall, Caribou Coffee's lead chef, “The superior flavor of our real vanilla comes from two important ingredients: pure cane sugar and Madagascar vanilla beans,” He also stated, "Due to their flavor and aromatic qualities, these beans are the most popular and sought after vanilla variety. The simplicity of our new real vanilla not only makes it a great addition to any beverage, but allows us to create a few new, delicious limited time offers that really accentuate the simple, real vanilla taste. This statement states that Caribou uses flavoring syrups that resemble the real vanilla taste, but isn't real vanilla. This makes you wonder, What is actually in my coffee?

Caribou's Opinion VS the Peoples'

The people that buy from caribou are now a little angry when they find that there coffee flavorings are fake. Caribou's stats that they don't use real vanilla syrup, but syrup that resembles the taste and smell of vanilla syrup. Caribou understands that they should be using real vanilla syrup. That is why now in 2016 they and other coffeehouses worldwide plan on starting a "clean label" by introducing new real flavors and syrups. They are starting off their new "clean label" with real vanilla syrup. Then later on in March, Caribou will introduce new caramel sauce with real simple ingredients. It seems to be that Caribou is starting a new fresher year with happier costumers, especially since some people have switched to Caribou instead of Starbucks.
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Starbuck's Coffee

Starbucks hasn't released a lot of their ingredients to the public. The only ingredient that recently have changed is to use real pure pumpkin in the pumpkin spice lattes, but those lattes are seasonal too so does that really count? While Caribou and other coffeehouses are staring a "clean label" and using many fresh simple ingredients like caramel and vanilla. Maybe soon Starbucks won't be "The Best Coffee Makers and Cold Brewed Coffee".
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