Towards A 'Without Fear Childhood'

Safe To School...Safe To Home

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The alarming rate of crimes in the country towards children is not only appalling but also staggering. Children being our future and hope make child protection and safety has now become the ultimate need of the hour. Age old methods of warning children don’t suffice in the present day scenario. What is needed is comprehensive counselling and education sessions where children are taught to identify between a good person and a bad person. With such dangers lurking around at every corner, an immediate need arises for the parents too, to be with their child 24x7 which is not only impractical but, also impossible.

A parent despite wanting badly to stay in touch with his child, has to let go of their child once schooling begins and though the child is safe all around to and from school, a tragedy can any time still strike.

Hence, with such a vision, to end the woes of troubled parents and to assure them with a protection blanket for their child has arisen a Tech Company named Javin that not only promises them virtual accessibility to the location of their child’s school bus but, also empowers them to GPS track the smart phone of the school bus driver and thus, monitor the real time location of the bus as it goes around their city.

Through this virtual medium provided by their mobile application called eSchool Travel mobile app Javin promises- Safe to School... Safe to Home. It unique features and easy accessibility make the application a comprehensive school travel tool. Eschool Travel aims to unleash a revolution in life of a schooling student by providing him/her means to always stay connected to his parents. Not only this, its goal is to evolve parents and schooling to smarter parents and smarter schooling.

Do you know eighteen children go missing in the national capital territory of Delhi, everyday!? Shocking, right? Now, are you aware of the small number of children who get reunited with their parents? No?

As per the the, eight cases of child abuse are daily reported and we should not side-line those cases which go unreported and those which are under reported to maintain the family status in the society.

The crime rate towards children in India is only and only rising and is thus, making living very unpredictable and uncertain for children and parents. Those old dialogues like-

“Go straight into the school.”

“Don’t respond to strangers after school.”

“No buying sweets from vendors outside the school gates.”

They have all gone futile because no amount of protection can ever suffice the feeling of safety a child feels with his parents.

But, of course, with growing economics and needs, parents too cannot always be with their children. It becomes thus, vital to be with the children, without losing out on immediate needs.

Counsellors and psychologists all over the world have raised a very important and urgent need to educate children even before they reach the age of five, about the difference between a friendly touch and a wrong touch. Children not only need tender love and care but, now they also need some education that will make them self-reliant enough to judge a person’s intentions. This education can either be provided by parent or through a counselling session at school.

But, then again, sometimes, despite of all measures taken, a tragedy does occur. Life’s uncertain nature can never change and one must forever be prepared for it advance and to assure this Tech Company Javin has brought forward a unique product called eSchool Travel that aims to bring parent and child closer through their GPS tracking enabled application.

It promises safer travel to and from the school by empowering parents to track and monitor their little one’s school bus as it goes. The eSchool Travel Mobile App has more added features like configured notification alerts, directory of all emergency numbers, school bus fleet portal for school authorities, to list a few, which make this application a superbly wholesome school travel tool. With the application, any of the parents can easily track the school bus through their mobile phone and during pick up, an alert will be delivered after the bus has crossed the previous bus stop configured by the parent.

Though it is a small step in making the world a better place for the children but, hopefully this step will turn out to be life-changing. Eschool travel hopes to bring an end to the worrisome mothers and ensure parents and school authorities always stay technologically connected to the children. It will evolve parents to smarter parents and also bring a revolution in the world of schooling.

The eSchool Travel app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and after paying a reasonable subscription fees, one can make good use of it.

Eschool travel is a mobile application product brought to the world of technology by the company Javin, which is a team of experienced professionals that are revolutionising the smart phone era through their futuristic, Internet-of-things based products.