The Life of Professional Ballerinas

By: Maia Farmer

You create your destiny, hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and taking risks create amazing opportunities. The opportunities you take in life can lead you to how you want your life to be. I think ballerinas have lots of opportunities and choices. They have many struggles, but those struggles led them to their successes. Thats what make them so great.

My opportunities

I had the great opportunity to go in depth of some of my idols lives as a ballerina. I got to interview, examine, research, and watch the true statistics and core efforts of becoming a ballerina, and maintaining the strength and drive to stay one. No normal person quite understands the strength love and drive to become a ballerina. The commitment, time, and effort, these amazing ladies will show is remarkable and I hope by the end of this you are as inspired as I am.
Misty Copeland - "WHAT BURNS IN YOUR HEART" Motivational video (Feat Steve Harvey, Steve Jobs)

Jalyn Zinser