Pompeii the crisis

The many story's and myths.

The eruption.

In around A.D. 79 volcano Vesuvius erupted and destroyed the town of Pompeii like a twig.
Pompeii - Official Trailer - Coming February 2014

Pompeii trailer that came out in 2014.

Many people of Pompeii are buried in ash.

Pompeii was all gone within many hours. Around 20,000 people died.
The Lost City of Pompeii

Here our some of many photos of the great ruins.

Many people don't understand.

People of Pompeii didn't realize that volcano Vesuvius was a VOLCANO! They thought the small eruptions were small earthquakes. "I don't want to spend our last minutes running" is stated in the movie.

gladiator games were very common in Rome and Pompeii!

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The Wilhelm scream sound effect

Ah, who doesn't love the famous Willhelm scream?

People of Pompeii

To end the up, people of Pompeii liked to call this tragedy "firestorm". The city was nearly undiscovered for almost 1700 years! This crisis is something that was very remembered but very tragic.