Get Rid of It!

You Should Get Rid of the Paw

Imagine that your best friend died as a result of something you WANTED, not needed. That is what can happen if you wish with the paw. It's what happened to the White Family, and it's what will happen to you. I strongly recommend that you get rid of the paw.

Be a Savior

If you get rid of the paw, you can potentially save lives of people you love. If it's not in the picture anymore, there won't be any bad consequences from wishing. If the White Family didn't wish for anything when they had the paw, Herbert probably wouldn't have died that day from the accident. You might also say that, "What if someone else gets the paw after I get rid of it?" That won't happen if you hide it really well so nobody else can find it, which could save even more lives. That is why if you hide it, you have to hide it very well.

Keep your Routine

If you use the paw, it can make your life a lot different. It can cause death to people you love, you could lose everything, it could ruin your life. That can seriously change you. You may say, "It's good to have a little change in your life," but not in this case. Would you rather have your entire life change just for something you wanted. It's not worth it. You just need to get the paw out of your life, it's not good in any way.


If you use the paw, there will be some serious consequences. The White family had the paw before you, and their first wish was for 200 pounds, and that is what they got. But they only got it because their son, Herbert, got into an accident with, machinery, at his job, and as a result from that they payed them 200 pounds trying to compensate for their loss. What happened to the White Family, could happen to you. You may get the wish you really wanted, but it'll come at a large price and I don't think it's worth the price you might have to pay. You just need to discard the paw.

If you get rid of the paw, you can save the lives of people you love, keep living life normally, and you won't get the terrible consequences of wishing with it. If you don't want any of the consequences and awful stuff to happen to you, get rid of the paw. Imagine all of the lives you can save if you just get rid of it. If you want to live life like you planned to, get rid of the paw. If you do it, you will be a hero.

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