November Raptor Review

Schaller-Crestland Elementary Family Communication Letter

Message from Mr. Brand

October was a great month to dive into this school year. We spent some type in the middle of the month processing Fast assessment data. With this data, we are able to identify student's needs and then organize the students into guided reading and intervention groups to ensure they receive the instruction they need. We also spent time learning about phonics and phonemic awareness and began assessing our students who struggle with reading, spelling, and decoding words.

The teachers and I enjoyed holding Fall conferences and having important conversations with all of your about your child/children. It is essential that we all remain a team and work towards the common goal of supporting your child and giving them the best education and experience possible to ensure growth and success. Thank you so much for attending Fall conferences, we appreciate it! Also, a special thanks to anyone who has donated to our teacher appreciation fund. We were able to provide teachers with soup and subs last week and then on Monday, we ordered Casey's pizza for the staff. They were very appreciative of all the food!

We celebrated Halloween in the classrooms on Friday, October 30th. The students enjoyed sharing treats and candy and experiencing Halloween activities or games.

Some of the things we are really excited about this year is our increased use of technology in our instruction, implementing multiple tiered system of supports to assist struggling students in academics and behavior, and also learning and implementing more strategies around teaching and learning reading foundational skills. We are also really excited about our work in PBIS and celebrating student success along with our continued support with the Parent Teacher Partnership group.

Social Media - Facebook

Please ensure that you follow our Schaller-Crestland Elementary on Facebook. I consistency updated the page with news, important information, and things that are going on in our school. I will also put important reminders on this page.


There will NOT be 3 year old preschool on Wednesdays. There also will not be 4 year old preschools on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

There will not be 3 or 4 year old preschool on December 2nd.

No School

There will not be school on November 6th and November 25th.


We celebrated many students who received the Raptor Way Award in October! These students receive this award for working hard on three expectations each day: respectful, responsible, and safe. A special thank you to Casey's General Store in Early, IA. They provided us with many certificate for students to receive free items when they receive the raptor Way Award for all of their hard work on our expectations. In addition to, we do a weekly drawing to celebrate and incentive students for their work towards our building wide expectations. Our PBIS board is all ready to go by the gym. We are updating it with winners and our progress on our all-school incentives. We reached our goal of 2,500 Raptor Roar cards, so we earned our all-school incentive, which we will celebrate today (Thursday).

Remember that we are always looking for donations for our monthly assembly prizes or our weekly prizes! It all helps! Thank you!

Box Tops and Hy-Vee Receipts (Keep it up!) We are now at a total of $49.90 since July 1!

As we continue the school year, it is going to be a priority of mine to fully implement PBIS with incentives for students both individually and building wide. Additionally, it is also a priority to organize community/family events the best we can (may look a little different with COVID-19). With this in mind, we need extra sources of funding that is flexible for things like incentives, events, prizes, etc. The easiest way is through Hy-Vee receipts and Box Tops. Keep your Hy-Vee receipts from the Hy-Vee in Storm Lake, and then bring them to the school and put them in the little trash can in the office. We can get a percentage back from each receipt.

With Box tops, you can take any receipt where you might have purchased something with box tops like Wal-Mart, DG, Fareway, Hy-Vee, Sams Club etc. Then you will download the Box Tops App (see below) from your App Store. When you create your account, you will put in Schaller-Crestland Elementary. You will then link to the school, and anytime you take a picture of your receipt, it will sort it for you, and then your box tops will be recorded on the app, and it will be sent to the school. This is a great way for us to gain small funds that add up with everyone's support. If you are not already doing this, please try it!


We will send home classroom saddlebags each Day 6. These are yellow take home folders that will be filled and sent home on Day 6. You can reference the calendar below for which days to check the folder. The student needs to return the folder the following day on Day 1.

Report Cards

You should have received your child's report card either at conferences or Thursday (November 5th) at the latest. If you do not get your child' report card by the end of the day Thursday, please contact the office.

Parent Teacher Partnership


  • Provide feedback to Mr. Brand and our building leadership team.
  • Let us know what we are doing well and what we need to improve on.
  • PBIS does not have a budget or a fund.
  • Donate prizes and items to our PBIS treasure box.
  • Donate prizes for our PBIS assembly each month.
  • Donate candy for our students who win the Raptor Way Award.
  • Donate money or items for our all school incentives.
  • Appreciate and celebrate staff for their hard work.
  • Donate candy, snacks, pop (cans or bottles), and/or donate money to our Teacher appreciation fund, to provide snacks on PD days, dinner on conference night, etc.
  • Organize events and support our school (be a helping hand)

I plan to hold a Parent Teacher Partnership meeting each month. This will ultimately depend on events in the gym and commitments parents may have with athletics and activities.

We look forward to as many parents joining us as possible.

Our next Parent Teacher Partnership meeting is on Thursday, November 5th at 6pm in the Schaller gym. Our December meeting as of right now, will be on December 1st, at 6pm in the gym in Schaller.

November Lunch Menu

Dates and Events

November 6th - No School for students

November 11th - 1 hour late start: Doors open at 8:45 and school starts at 9:15

November 18th - 1 hour late start: Doors open at 8:45 and school starts at 9:15

November 25th - No School

November 26th - No School - Thanksgiving

November 27th - No School - Thanksgiving

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Day Schedule (see below)

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