All About Me

Matthew Hanke


as a baby a while ago

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I love to play lots of sports, football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, and I might start competitive swimming.

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I love to hunt. I like to hunt pheasants, ducks, turkeys, fish, and deer.

This dog looks almost exactly like mine.

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My favorite subject in school is science. I like conducting experiments and learning new tings.

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I learn well by doing things, watching videos for example. It helps for me to experience it. I like to investigate things. I learn math well by both talking it through and looking at in a text book. I am also good at learning in a group and by myself. I am logic smart, nature smart, and people smart.


A career I find interesting is an airline pilot. To be an airline pilot I must become good at math. the national average is 114,200 dollars a year.

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