Abraham Lincoln

by Zane Wilson and Chloe Benavides

Early years

Abraham Lincoln was born February,12,1809.He was also born in Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln did not go to school,he taught him self how read and he taught him self to be a lawyer because he didn't live close to the school.

contribution to the civil war

Abraham Lincoln sent telegraphs to the army to tell the when u to attack and stuff.He also sent supplies and soldiers to the army to help them.

Life after civil war

Abraham made the emancipation proclamation to end slavery .He also made amendments so blacks would get more rights. Lincoln died Apir5,1865 he was buried at oak ridge cemetery.There is memorials of him at Abraham Lincoln national cemetery. Another one is Lincoln statue.

Interesting facts

  • Lincoln had 4 kids .
  • His wife is Mary Todd Lincoln.
  • He was a big animal lover.
  • He hate being called abe he wanted to be called his last name.
  • He loved to eat oysters.