CSI investigation

By Vaughn,Chase,and,Jace

csi investigation intro.

We recently studied a lab accident and this info graphic is to show you what we learned...

Our hypothesis

What we thought happened was he fell asleep on the job causing the chemicals to spill on his feet.

Our proof is that there were two footprints and one hand print of chemicals to prove he was too tired because he fell asleep. There also was a lot of silt powder to prove banged his head on the table when he passed out. He had pop and candy to prove he wasn't eating right.

Rules he didnt

The Rules

1:Wear shoes and clothing such as gloves

2:Wear goggles

3:Be aware of your surroundings

4:Dont Fall asleep

5: Don't eat I the lab

6: don't drink in lab.

7: don't mess around in lab.

8: put device away if not needed.

9: don't bring unessasery items.

10: don't mix chemicals with out permission