The Kaubin Chronicle

Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School - Haddonfield, NJ

Reader's Workshop

By: Ryan, Juliana & Raff

Reading, reading in 4K, reading, reading, read all day. Reading in 4K has been fun so far this year. We've been doing vocabulary, reading lots of different genres, Book Club and much more. But in reading, hard work beats talent and talent doesn't beat hard work.

Pizzas, Tacos, Sandwiches, Sushi... those are our Book Club groups for reading. Our Book Club groups are named after foods. Each Book Club group has people in them, and we are reading different books. Pizza's are reading The Kid in the Red Jacket, Taco's are reading Dear Mr. Henshaw, Sandwiches are reading Ginger Pye, and Sushi is reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. In Book Club, we read a few pages, create questions for each of our group members about what we read, then we get to talk about the book! We love Book Club! We hope you understand our Book Clubs!

Pizzas Report:

Sofia said, "I liked how The Kid in the Red Jacket didn't want to move and his parents didn't tell him about it."

Tacos Report:

Ali said, "I like that it's written in olden times."

Audrey said, "I think it's good because it has lots of details."

Sandwiches Report:

Connor said, "I like it because you get to know all the character's perspectives."

Asher said, "I like how my book has a lot of description and it's a really good story."

Sushi Report:

Parker said, "It's interesting because they're running away and the brother is rich!"

Hope you had fun reading about reading!

Writer's Workshop

By: Allison Baxter, Rex & Melissa

Think It, Write It, Read It

All write-y then, over the month of April, 4K has been writing our final drafts for our Revolutionary War Books. We’ll tell you how we do it.

Think It

First, you have to think about how you’re going to revise and edit your information book. Then, you have to figure out how you’re going to write it. You have to make it the best it can be so your reader is hooked. Then you have to write it!

Write It

When you write your information book, you have to include all of your details in your rough draft. Of course, you can change the wording of your book so you can make sure it makes sense. Then you actually have to revise and edit. Then, you have to read it!

Read It

Then you have to read it to make sure you didn't miss a word or misspell a word. When it’s good, you have to cut it out and glue it on brown or black paper with the pictures and then when you’re done you have to bind it.


After the Revolutionary Books, we did something called narratives. Every year you have to do them in the beginning and end of the year. We got to pick a certain topic and you have 45 minutes to write all about that topic.


4K is really excited to bind the information books. A lot of people are already on that step. We can’t wait to share our stories with all of our friends and family!


By: Christopher, Allison Tighe & Terry

Do you know about fractions? Well, we are learning about fractions. So far, we are learning about equivalent fractions and adding them. We learn all of this new stuff in Math Centers! One of our centers are (M) Math Facts where we practice our math facts and do worksheets. (A) At Your Seat is when you (practice) do math pages in your math journal. (T) Teacher-Led is when the teacher, Mrs. Kaubin or Ms. Weber, teach you a little extra about what we are learning, for example - fractions! (H) Hands-On is where we practice what we're learning through games and after we are done we play on the iPads!!

This week we are learning about fractions! We are doing equivalent fractions and adding fractions; Here is an example: 1/2=2/4 THEY ARE EQUAL!!! There is also <,>,= greater,less than or equal to! That is a few things that we practice during math!

Before fractions, we finished a unit called Angles, and we learned that there's a different degrees of angles and you can measure angles. For example, a right angle makes a perfect L. You would put a square box inside the L to show it is a perfect right angle. We also used a protractor to measure it and write the measurement. We used a lot of tools to help us. Math is a lot of work. Now you know a lot of what we do in math. There will be questions to ask... No, I am just kidding! We just took our Unit 7 Math Test all about fractions and everyone thinks they did really well! Math is fun when you work hard. Math is challenging and now you know what we are doing in math!

Social Studies

By: Lily, Kyra & Caitlin

In Social Studies, our class worked in groups and we made presentations, including facts, about a certain region of the United States. We got to list our top three choices and Mrs. Kaubin placed us in a group. Each group had to make a "digital media presentation" which meant we could make iMovie’s, Prezi's and Powerpoints, just to name a few! There are 4 regions in the United States: one is the Midwest, another is the South, the Northeast, and the West. Each group presented their presentation on the 24th of April. Each group also brought in a treat and an artifact from their region.

After each presentation, the group members had our class take a test about what they learned from us during our presentation. The test was either on a piece of paper or was asked. We hope you enjoyed learning about Social Studies this month!

Check out pieces of our presentations below!

The South

Take a Walk Around the South

The Northeast

Travel to the Northeast

The Midwest

The Midwest Game Show

The West

West #2
The West


By: Connor, Alison King, & Loralei

E=MC2. Well, that’s not what we’re learning!! In Science, we just identified our minerals. We made field guides which is a book of minerals and their characteristics. We had to run a lot of tests on our minerals to find out what kind of minerals they were. We just finished the unit so we have a lot to tell you, so keep reading to learn more.

We had to figure out 12 minerals. Now we know the names, so here are some of them. Graphite, Calcite, Galena, Fluorite, Quartz, and Sulfur. When we finally could find them out, we were super excited! We had to make predictions to find them out and we had to do tests. We did the light test, described how they felt, described the color, the streak test, hardness, luster, and shape. Light is when you put a flashlight up to the mineral and see if you can see through it or not. Streak is when you rub a mineral on black and white tiles and see what color will show up stronger. We had lots of fun doing our tests!!

We are so glad you got to read all about what we’re doing in Science. Next unit, we are learning about Motion and Design. We hope you learned about what we are doing in Science. Have a scientific day!

iPads in 4K

By: Daniel, Sofia & Albert

In 4k, we get to use iPads but there are some rules. The rules are we have to always wash our hands before using the iPads. Another thing is we will always use two hands when holding the iPads. We will make sure we always know where the iPad is. We make sure to have an adult plug the iPad in when we see 0%. We only use apps and programs our teacher has instructed us to use. No liquids around the iPads.. EVER. And, we are responsible and make smart learning choices while using the iPads. So, those are the rules for the iPads. When you follow the rules, using the iPads is really fun! Here are some of our favorite apps like Spellmania, Mad Libs, Lexia, and Spelling City. We use iPads during Reading Centers, Math Centers, and to do research for Social Studies. We also get to use the iPads to play fun games as a class sometimes! Now that you know what our favorite apps and iPad rules are, we hope you try them at home!

NJ State House Field Trip

By: Karlie, Caden & Makayla

On March 24, 2015 we went to our state capital, Trenton. It was so interesting learning about Trenton. It was really cool seeing the Lenape exhibit because we learned all about it in our unit in the beginning or the year.

Our second activity that we went to see was that we went to see the state museum. Then, when we were looking around we found a planetarium. We went in and it was dark and the planets were glowing and you had to count to ten with your eyes closed, and open them and it will look like space. It was so neat!

In the state house, the first thing we saw was the golden dome. The golden dome was made out of real gold paint. You could see the dome from outside of the state house. Around the stairs, up to the dome, the walls had a bunch of pictures of passed governors. Then, our tour guide showed us where Chris Christy works and where meetings are held. On the way there, there was a hall of mustaches, beards, goatees, and side burns. We also saw this statue of New Jerseys symbols which was cool!

It was such a fun time seeing everything we saw in Trenton. We learned so much about government. IT WAS AMAZING!

Earth Day Field Trip

By: Parker & Audrey Fish

This Earth Day at Haddonfield High School was the most interesting and exciting!!! There were so many stands and so many other good things. One of our favorite stands was the bottle cap animals stand. They used water bottles to make cool animals. It was really awesome. Another awesome bottle related stand was where they had bottle caps with endangered animals on the underside. One other awesome stand is where they had a turtle, and it was found in a garage. That turtle lived with a teen for 10 years. After we visited the high school kids stands, we walked back to school and had lunch in the garden. Mrs. Kaubin told us to try to pack a no-trash lunch, which was really tough! Most people brought napkins, which is trash but you never really think of that. Well, that sums up our really cool Earth Day! Go Earth Day!!!!

National Liberty Museum Field Trip

By: Mrs. Kaubin

4K visited Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 29th! It was a jam-packed, educating trip. Our first stop was at the United States Court of Appeals. Judge Krause (who is also the mommy of a first grader in our school!) reached out to us to invite us to visit a federal court. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to enrich our student's understanding of United States government! Judge Krause showed us the Court of Appeals court room, her new office, and answered all of our eloquently worded questions. Then, she brought us to meet Judge Restrepo to speak with him and to see where he presides over court. Afterwards, fourth grade ate lunch on the lawn across from Independence Hall. We took advantage of the opportunity to run around and enjoy the weather. Next, we walked a few blocks to the National Liberty Museum where our tour guides taught us how to "Live Like Heroes". We viewed artwork, learned about the history of many world heroes, and learned to embrace diversity. And yes, we visited the ever-popular gift shop! Our bus ride home was full of tired, but thoroughly happy, fourth graders! It was a great day. A huge THANK YOU from 4K to all of our chaperones!

Feel the Power Assembly

By: Audrey Seiger, Brianna & Asher

Have you ever broken a world record? Well, we had an assembly with someone who has broken one world record for being able to roll up a frying pan!! This man has overcome many challenges and fears. His name is……. Jon Pritikin. Jon was disabled with speech and learning abilities. As a child, he sat alone at lunch and no one wanted to be his friend. He was pushed down by many people. No one believed in him and no one believed he would overcome his disabilities, but he believed he could overcome his disabilities. Eventually, he was accepted at Bethany University in California. Now he holds one world record and goes to schools and tells them his story. He calls his assemblies FEEL THE POWER!!!! When he came to our school he showed us his strength tricks! It was awesome!!!!!!! Our whole school enjoyed the assembly with Jon Pritikin. It was really mesmerizing.

President Obama... LIVE IN 4K!

By: Mrs. Kaubin

Discovery Education is a web-based platform that enriches classrooms and inspires learning with engaging interactive content and services. As a teacher at Lizzy, I use Discovery Education's resources often in my classroom. Therefore, I routinely receive emails about new initiatives, upcoming events, and exciting new content. Recently, I received a particularly exciting email that President Obama would be live-streaming an interview in Washington, DC! The email read: Join President Obama in this live discussion with students about his favorite books, how books have influenced his life, and the importance of technology in classrooms and libraries. I thought, "This is too cool NOT to do!" So, I registered 4K, and we submitted our questions regarding books and technology to the President via Discovery Education! Unfortunately, he did not answer any of our personal questions, but we loved seeing him on the screen and listening to him talk about our favorite thing in the world, BOOKS! It was an exciting 1/2 hour in 4K on Friday!

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