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Top Kidz BBQ

Monday, June 22nd, 11:45am

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON


Step 1

Announcements: make an announcement on the pa system saying '' There will be a BBQ held on June 22 2015 in the field of rick Hansen SS entrance is free food and amenities $2 plus

Step 2

Purchase food, get cooks , bounce castles, & cleanup and set up

Step 3

Take in as many volunteers for the event

Step 4

put up posters

Step 5

Hold Event

have set up crew set up

have cooks make food

have everyone at designated positions

Step 6

have clean up crew clean up

Step 7

send money to (OLPC)

Activities held

Some activities that well be going on are

-Bounce Castles

- A Slide show showing the benifits of OLPC

- Food

- A spokes person from MIT

- Slides /Rides

- Advertisements Booths for small business to advertise



OLPC Mission, Part 1: Principles and Child Empowerment

How we Willl know if our event is attracting attention

We will know if this event is attracting attention for many reasons that i have come up with over the past few days .One of the many ways that i have come up with are a Giant thermometer for any donated money or money made and it will go up to 20 000 which is our goal . MY second idea would be surveys asking questions like did you enjoy this event did you donate if yes how much and there name .My last idea would be to keep tabs / master receipts for food sold to find out how much was donated/collected threw food and also have people counting the money and an entry count.In my opinion those are three of the best ways to find out if my event is doing well as well if anyone else s event is doing well too .


"One Laptop per Child." Mission. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2015.