The California Gold Rush

By: Nick

The Beggining

In 1848 a man named James Marshall found a gold nugget. But, not in a mine but, in a river. But then when the news got out most of the men around the area want the gold so most of them rushed to the mine to try and get rich and wealthy.

Trouble In the Mines

Some miners died in the mines from disease, starvation, or miners killing others to strike rich some miners where quite

Panning for Gold pieces

Some miners panned for gold it’s like finding little gold pieces in a river. They first, they found a river, stream or something like that. Than they got a pan. Second, they dipped there pan in the water and waited around and when they got little pieces of gold they shook out the dirt and water out than there left with the gold pieces ‘sometimes they don’t get the gold the just get left with an empty pan

A Abandon town

A lot of people abandon a town which is now a ghost town they call it. It’s probably because they had a gold mine there but barely any one goes there because they think it’s haunted by gold miners who died.

The miners if the 1840's

This event started in 1848 and in 1849 there was a miner group named “The Forty Niners”. And in 1848 a year earlier the group was called ‘The Forty Eighters.’ So this event ended around 1855. This event was making people all around the word come to California to try and get gold and strike rich!

How much gold was mined

There was more than $10 million worth of gold that people mined. Everyone wanted some gold but not all got some gold.