New Year's Newsletter 2021 !!

Genia Johnson Dance Company, Inc

Coming into 2021 like........

Well, we are quickly speeding off into the New Year! The holidays happened so fast, we hardly blinked....! I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and much needed break with their families, and, even though it probably didn't look anything like what it normally would, got to have some down time and reflection on the past year.

I ran across a pop up ad for one of those picture books that lets you go through the millions of pictures in your phone with the opportunity to make a "look book" or a "table book" for your home. I kind of rolled my eyes and thought, "2020!? No thank you!", but hit the button because I was curious. I gave it access to the 1,000 or so photos from my 2020 year and started checking off the ones that were my favorite (not the screenshots of articles to read later or recipes, or the pictures of the exact item I needed my husband to pick up at the store ). After I was done, I hit the preview button and it had created my "book". After viewing, I realized that I could so easily look back and think how the year had been so terrible and full of strife, but I forget about all the good times and all the situations that we made it out of, and all the things I wouldn't have gotten to do or moments I wouldn't have had if it hadn't been for the year... it was all about perspective.

I did get my book in the mail, and it made me smile... best $35 I had spent in a while.

Here's to a year of health, love and seeing the good through all the bad.

* NEW * - 6 Week Class Sessions - "Shining Stars"

GJDC is now offering special 6 week dance sessions! Our "Shining Stars" program is offered on Mondays from 6:30-7:15pm, teaching a mix of Creative Movement and basic, fun Tumble skills for kids ages 5 & under. The cost of the class is $135 and is a great addition to current classes or for those who have not yet registered that are looking for less of a commitment.

Classes currently in progress. Enroll NOW!!

*No Spring Performance commitment. Costume not included.

Private Lesson - Sign up Genius Link

The Sign-up Genius below is for those wanting to "level up", need help with current choreography, solo practice, practice/help work, conditioning, audition pieces, etc. OR just because you'd like one on one class with a teacher and are not yet ready for a group session.

These 1:1 are for any age and can accommodate any level and genre of dance.

Grab your spot/spots before they are gone.

If you have a special request for a time slot, please let us know and we can see what we can work out.

Give our office a call if you have any questions!!

February is LOVE Month! We're bringing our Besties back !!

We are bringing back our favorite week.....errr Weeks! February 8-19th will be "Bring Your Besties" Weeks !! We will be handing out special cards to give to your friends who are not currently enrolled at the studio for their information and parent signature. Due to class size limitations, we will be sending out our Sign up genius link for our "Besties" Weeks ! Be on the lookout for it along with two special Pop Up events for the month featuring a fun craft time and Floral Photo photography!

December STUDENTS of the MoNtH !!

We're super excited to announce our December 2020 Students of the Month! Our teachers and staff put their heads together and came up with an amazing group of kids who have shown great work ethic, great attendance and always on time and prepared, kindness to their peers, and who were polite and respectful to their teachers. A few may have stepped out of their box or did an act of kindness when no one was watching (but they were caught!)..... We are so proud of them and hope that, in this crazy time, your kindness, love and positivity will spread like your favorite Glitter !!

** Stop by the office this week to grab a little something special from us and look out for our special recognitions on our FB and IG !

Dae Moore

Alex Sorbello

Maya Tinsley

Madison Togger

Lainey Venema

Oneika Walker

Landyn Williams