1. Health in the Middle Ages

Did the Middle Ages have bad health problems?

2. Health

The general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor. (Dictionary.com)

2.Middle Ages

(narrowly) the period from about 1000 ad to the 15th century Compare Dark Ages. (Dictionary.com)

3. How was the Health?

Medieval Europe did not have an adequate health care system. Antibiotics weren't invented until the 1800s. (learners.org)

4. Interest

People believed, that diseases were spread by bad odors. It was also assumed that diseases of the body resulted from sins of the soul.(learners.org)


Many people sought relief from their ills through meditation, prayer, pilgrimages, and other non medical methods.(learners.org)

5. What was the body viewd as?

5. Was it almost imposible to cure a disease?

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7. Personal Response

This makes me think of the plague because the plague was a disease that took many lives in the middle ages.

8. Mikaela Minor