Internet Safety Awareness!

Do you know how to stay safe while surfing the web?

Internet Safety Tips

1. Never give personal information like your name, address or telephone number on the Internet. Do not send pictures on the internet without a parent's permission.

2. Never write to anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared.

3. Do not meet someone from the Internet without the permission from your parents.

4. Tell your parents right away if you read anything on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable.

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Why is Internet Safety Important?

Strangers on the Internet can be very dangerous. Sometimes people do not tell the truth about who they are on the Internet so you should only "friend" people that you know in real life. If someone is bothering you or bullying you on the Internet, you need to tell a parent right away. Cyber bullying is not acceptable. Do not give out personal information without a parent's permission on the internet because someone can steal your information! You should always talk to your parents about your activity on the Internet and always ask for permission when using the computer.

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