Roman Houses

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Roman Insula

Model of an īnsula; the word originally meant “island” and came to describe apartment complexes because a city block (which usually contained one giant īnsula) looks like an island when viewed from above.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that according to a document in Rome, there were about two times as many Insulae in the large city compared against the Domus. A Insula could contain lower class citzens as well as middle and lower upper class citzens as well!

Roman Domus

A modern-day Roman style domus in Malta; notice how it opens directly onto the street, as Roman domūs did.

The Interior of a Domus...


Q & A

Q: Where were each of the three types of houses, and who would live in them?

Q: What are the Latin terms of each room IN a domus?

Q: How were Roman homes decorated?

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