The History of Amazing Vaccines

Johannah Vanhaaster

History of Vaccines- Introduction

I woke up to my little brother screaming about having to get his flu shots. My mom told him he's going to be okay and it's not going to hurt at all. And at that moment I started to wonder how many people died a day because there were no vaccines, there must have been a lot of people that died. Vaccines can benefit our health in many ways. Since vaccines help people in many ways more people are staying alive and not dying or suffering.

What are vaccines

Vaccines are a product that protects your body from a disease. It helps our bodies get stronger so it can fight off a virus or a disease the vaccine is injected into your body with a sharp needle with medicine in it. They don’t make sure we never get sick they make sure we are protected from a very bad disease, like rubella.( german measles )

Why Do We Need Vaccines

We need vaccines because they protect our bodies.” Although a lot of vaccines and anti-toxin successfully developed this way, using animals in vaccine development.” Vaccines are a medicine they help us and protect our bodies from a bad disease.

How Are Vaccines Different From Antibiotics

Vaccines and antibiotics are two different things because antibodies are small molecules or compounds and are effective in treating infections caused by organisms like bacteria, fungi, protozoa. And vaccines are a health achievement. And vaccines will never smallpox back one disease, and that disease is smallpox. And that makes vaccines our liquid superhero that protect the human body from a disease like smallpox. `
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Smallpox has been around for a very long time. Then later on came vaccines, The only thing that stops smallpox. smallpox is like a weapon, or was. And now we don’t need to worry about dying at a young age. And now we can live until we get really old. without getting a bad disease that could kill you.