Harman Garrett

Main Languages

English, Albanian, Greek, Italian


Its a Democratic Monarchy. People like that they can vote for or be a candidate. They can live freely, and freedom of speech.


Some religions are christianity, roman catholic, and protestant. Some beliefs are they believe in one god, and Jesus.


They have all kinds of things, but mostly cities. They have houses like in the US, but they are more frequently smaller, and they have lots of back garages and alleyways.

Family Relationships

They have smaller families, no more than 4 usually. The dad usually works, the mom can work too, but she also cooks and cleans, and kids go to school.

Social Classes

There is poor, with no job and little money. There is middle class, with subsections called working class and blue collar. The last is upper class, which is very rich. The wealth is concentrated on the rich more.

Fashion, Literature, Music

Some popular brands are adidas, coach, gucci, and puma. Some books are Harry Potter, Les Miserables, and The Perfume a murder story. Some singers are Adele, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney.


Usually ages 4-22 go to school. There is primary, secondary, and high school. Usually people do atleast 4 years of college. Kids learn core subjects, sometimes there are religious schools, and about business.

Land Usage

The most popular use of land is business, farms, and homes. There are other less known things.

Trading Networks

Mostly there are people trading food between each other.


The main minority groups are African-Americans and Asians.


Men have a little more power than woman in some parts, but some parts the men have a lot more power.