Classroom News

This week in second grade from room 300

May 2, 2016

Please remember to either return spring pictures or send in money to purchase them.


Red Words: because and bought

Spelling Pattern: Consonant-le Endings (-fle, -dle, -kle, -zle)

Examples: trifle, middle, sparkle, dazzle


We are practicing reading a story and then answering questions that reflect the story this week. This is something students will have to do for end of year reading tests.



This week we are focusing on arrays. This is the beginning of multiplication! Arrays are objects or small pictures arranged in equal rows. Students will be asked to show a repeated addition equation that matches the array.


Social Studies and Science

We continue our sound unit this week. Please send in any items that can be recycled in to an instrument. For example, paper towel tubes, toilet paper tubes, empty tissue boxes etc. We will have fun with this project!


Upcoming Important Events

May 2...End of Year reading level tests begin TODAY!

Homework for the Week and Due Friday

  1. Read 15 minutes nightly and record in your Planner.
  2. Answer 1 comprehension question.
  3. Three spelling activities from the choice board.
  4. Math practice page.

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