By Harish T.

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Global Winds

Global Winds are caused by unequal heating of the Earth's surface. Some of the Global Winds are Polar Easterlies and Prevailing Westerlies. At the 30 degress latitude North and South wind go to the equator. Most movement at the or near the equator are called trade winds. They are called trade winds because they are warm steady breeze winds that blow continually around the equator.

Local Winds

Local winds are caused by convection currents that are very small. Local winds happen in small areas that blow over a short amount of time and distance in local areas. Local winds happen in towns and cities. Two types of local winds that occur are land breeze and sea breeze. Land breeze occurs when wind blows over the land. Sea breeze is when wind blows over the sea. Those are the 2 types of winds.