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Excellence In All We Do - March 25th

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Construction Update

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There has been a lot of activity this week as the back parking lot is being prepped for the addition of 8 badly needed classes. We have already begun figuring out what teachers are going to be able to move into the additional classroom space, and we are looking forward to the extra space - we need it!

Here's what it will look like when it's finished...

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Coming Up!!

Here's the timeline for 6th, 7th and 8th graders for course selection for next year:

8th Grade -

Monday, 4/4 - Tuesday, 4/5

  • Tech & Career teachers show 8th graders a video presentation on high school credits, endorsements, and course selection. Teachers will give each student a choice sheet and a four year plan.

Wednesday, 4/6

  • Parent Night at the PAC at 6:00 pm

Thursday, 4/7, Friday, 4/8, Monday 4/11 and Tuesday 4/12

  • HS Counselors will be present in the Tech & Career classes to answer questions and to help students with their course selections.

6th and 7th Graders

This week, Mrs. Woodburn has been meeting with all current 6th and 7th graders to discuss next year's course selections. Students will bring home course selection sheets for parents to review and sign.

Mrs. Woodburn will begin helping students enter their course selections beginning Monday, March 28th.

8th Graders Interested In The Valkyries Drill Team

Are you a current 8th grader and interested in trying out for the amazing Lago Vista High Valkyries Drill Team?

Dance Clinic and Tryouts will be April 4th-7th at LVHS.

Mrs. Phillips will be on LVMS campus on Thursday. March 31st during Advisory for an informational meeting and answer any questions. More info will be handed out about the dance clinic and tryouts at this time.

Sub Opportunities!

I have had a lot of people ask how they can help the schools right now, and the most amazing thing would be subsitutue teaching! Almost every day, we are scrambling to cover classes, and many times I have to ask another teacher to give up their conference period to step into a class.

If you've got some time, would like a flexible schedule, and be able to have a direct impact on our children and our schools - substitute teaching is a great answer!

If you would like more info, please let me know.

Uda Bands - Help NJHS send a young man to high school!

We are lucky to live in a place where our education is free! Not everyone is so lucky. NJHS is sponsoring a young man named Tavonga Randeni, a high schooler in Zimbabwe. Every Yuda Band we sell helps him secure his high school education! You can buy in person or click the link or scan QR Code. Mrs. Woodburn will get an email and your student can come pick out a Yuda Band. Many to choose from! You can make a difference today! Buy a Yuda Band for $10!

This Is Tavonga Randeni

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STAAR Test Info

I had great conversations with students this week while I was covering classes about the upcoming STAAR tests. Here is some important info to know about it:

The STAAR tests will be given in early May. 6th and 7th grades will take Math and Reading, while 8th grade will take Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies.

If a student does not pass the STAAR test, they will have to complete 30 hours of Accelerated Instruction per test. If they are assigned 30 hours of Accelerated Instruction, that will be delivered in Summer School from June 6 to June 17.

I also let the kids know that these decisions were made on the State level, and that was not a Lago decision.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email.

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Lago Track Results

We hosted the Jr. Vikings Relays on Wednesday evening, and here are the results!

7th Grade Boys:

7th Grade Boys finish in 1st

100 Dash- 1st Benson Hodd, 3rd Austin Moore, 5th Logan Girad

200 Dash- 5th Place - Nick Duncan

400 Dash- Kingston Cannon

800 Run- 1st Place - Sebastian Vazquez , 3rd Jackson Cook

1600 - 1st Place - Sebastian Vazquez, 2nd Place - Jackson Cook, 3rd Nick Duncan, 5th Westin Walker, Marek Michitech

2400- 1st Place - Sebastian Vazquez, 2nd Place - Jackson Cook 3rd Nick Duncan, 5th Westin Walker, Marek Michitech

110 Hurdles- 1st Benson Hodd, 3rd Place - Archer Houston, 5th Place - Dillon Stovall

300 Hurdles- Benson Hodd, 2nd Place - Dylan Stovall

4 x 100 Relay - 3rd Place -Blake Meridith, Bobby Ruth, Zac Powell, Anthony Montez

4x 200 Relay - 2nd Place - Blake Meridith, Bobby Ruth, Zac Powell, Anthony Montez

4x 400 Relay - 1st Place - Blake Meridith, Bobby Ruth, Zac Powell, Anthony Montez

Long Jump - 1st Bobby Ruth , 3rd Benson Hodd, 6th Place - Archer Houston

Shot Put - 1st Place - Zac Powell, 2nd Place - Jackson Cook, 6th Place - Blake Meredith

Discus - 1st Place - Zac Powell, 2nd Place - Jackson Cook

Triple Jump- 4th Place - Benson Hodd 6th Archer Houston

Pole Vault- 1st Place - Archer Houston

2400- 1st Place - Sebastian Vazquez, 2nd Jackson Cook

8th grade boys

8th grade boys finished in 1st

100 Dash - 3rd Place - Josh Bailey 4th Place - Jack Xuereb, 5th Place - Hudson Chester

200 Dash- 3rd Place - JW Hester, 5th Place - Hudson Chester, 6th Place - Jack Xuereb

400 Dash- 2nd Place - Miguel Rocha , 4th Place - Marlon Gaveratte , 5th Place - Jack Xuereb , 6th Place - Landon Minjarez

800 Run- 1st Place - Miguel Rocha, 2nd Place - Mason Taylor, 4th Place - Jayden Box, 6th Place - Marlon Gavarrette

1600 - 2nd Place - Mikey Woodburn, 3rd Place - Xavier Johnson

2400- 2nd Place - Mason Taylor, 3rd Place - Mikey Woodburn

110 Hurdles- 1st Place -Mathew Purkey , 2nd Place - Adam Holt

300 Hurdles - 1st Place - Mathew Purkey , 2nd Place - Adam Holt 4th Place - Hudson Chester

4 x 100 Relay - 1st Place - Josh Bailey, Aidan Vasquez, Cullen Parker, River Burch

4x 200 Relay - 1st Place - River Burch , Cullen Parker, Josh Bailey, Aidan Vasquez

4x 400 Relay - 1st Place - Miguel Rocha, , Mathew Purkey, Aidan Vasquez, River Burch

Long Jump - 2nd- Matthew Purkey , 3rd Place - Cullen Parker

Shot Put - 6th Place - Greydon Burke

Discus- 3rd Place - Greydon Burke, 5th Place - JW Hester

Triple Jump- 2nd Place - Mathew Purkey, 4th Place - Josh Bailey

High Jump - 4th Place - Marlon Gavarrette, 6th Place - Cullen Parker

Pole Vault- 1st Aidan Vasquez, 2nd Place - Garrison Houston, 3rd Place -Miguel Rocha,

The 8th grade girls finished in 1st place out of 8 teams at the track meet with 217.5 points. Here are their highlights:

High Jump - Mia Kinslow - 2nd place

Allisen Shipp- 3rd place

Taylor McCowen-5th place

Long Jump - Mia Kinslow - 4th place

Pole Vault - Lilah Smith - 1st place

-Lily Coale- 2nd place

Triple jump- Marlie Hawkins- 5th place

2400 M Run -Scotia Horton-1st place

-Maddy Salazar-3rd place

- Lily Coale -4th place

1600 M Run- Scotia Horton- 1st place

-Maddy Salazar-4th place

-Josie Oatman - 6th place

4x100 relay – Taylor McCowen, Allisen Shipp, Carli Parker, Mia Kinslow - 1st place

800 Run - Kahlen Mathes - 1st place

Lilah Smith - 4th place

100 M Dash - Carli Parker - 3rd place

Milele McBride - 6th place

4x200 relay – Taylor McCowen, Allisen Shipp, Haley Wray, Mia Kinslow - 1st place

400M dash - Kalen Mathes - 1st place

Lilah Smith - 3rd place

300M hurdles – Ashlin Barker- 1st place

Haley Wray - 2nd place

Ania Saldana- 5th place

200M dash – Carli Parker - 6th place

4x400 relay - Lilah Smith, Ashlin Barker , Allisen Shipp , Kahlen Mathes - 1st place

The 7th grade girls also finished in 1st place out of 8 teams at the Comfort track meet with 196 points. Here are their highlights:

High Jump - Sydney Mosser - 2nd place

Piper Olsen - 3rd place

Abby Tristan-5th place

Long Jump - Sydney Mosser - 4th place

Laney Bently-5th place

Sophia Hankins-6th place

Triple Jump - Piper Olsen-2nd place

-Olivia Parra-3rd place

Sophia Hankins-4th place

Pole Vault - Abby Tristan - 1st place

Anya Alanis-2nd place

Discus - Eliana Helton - 1st place

Winter Callahan - 2nd place

Shot Put - Eliana Helton - 1st place

Audrey Ferguson - 5th place

2400 Run - Emily Viruette - 2nd place

Laila Burlew - 3rd place

Claire Everett - 6th place

4x100 relay –BeBe Inman, Lanee Arredondo,Eliana Helton, Abby Tristan - 1st place

800 Run - Piper Olsen - 3rd place

Melissa Soto - 4th place

100 hurdles - Piper Olsen - 1st place

Molly Roberts - 2nd place

Melissa Soto - 5th place

100 M Dash - Sabryna Holcomb - 3rd place

BeBe Inman - 4th place

Laney Bentley - 5th place

4x200 relay – Laney Bentley, Abby Tristan, Lanee Arredondo, BeBe Inman -1st place

400M dash - Ke’Auvia Cox - 2nd place

Sydney Mosser - 5th place

300M hurdles – Melissa Soto - 2nd

Molly Roberts - 4th place

Piper Olsen - 5th place

200M dash – Sabryna Holcomb - 1st place

Lanee Arredondo - 3rd place

Eliana Helton - 6th place

1600 Run - Emily Viruette - 4th place

Laila Burlew - 5th place

Claire Everett - 6th place

4x400 relay – Ke’Auvia Cox, Sydney Mosser, BeBe Inman, Abby Tristan - 1st place


We have had more iPads broken this year than we have ever seen before, and I realize that we've had issues with the cases, and we are giving iPads to middle school students, but we are already over budget for the year.

Please talk to your students about properly caring for their are a few simple solutions:

  1. Don't throw your backpack with the iPad in it.
  2. Be careful where you are charging it - make sure no can trip on the cord, or if they do, it doesn't fall.
  3. Don't put it on the edge of your desk.

We realize that accidents will happen, but we are asking for help in order to prevent as much as possible.

Student Registration Forms


If you have not done so, it is important that you complete the annual registration process ASAP. This must be completed each year because these forms provide us with important permissions and information that must be provided annually. Students without completed registration forms will begin to lose certain privileges until they are completed, so please take a moment to submit those forms in Ascender.


Todos los formularios de registro también están en español. Para continuar en español, hay un menú desplegable en la esquina superior derecha de la página de inicio de sesión para cambiar al español.

If you enrolled your student during summer enrollment, you must still complete annual registration forms. If you don't see your enrolled student when you log in, an Ascender Parent Portal ID is needed in order to link to your student and complete the annual registration forms.

Please email your campus registrar to receive your student's Ascender Parent Portal ID. Please note that there may be slight delays in answering requests during peak times, such as this, but we will get it to you as quickly as possible!

Once you receive your student's Ascender Parent Portal ID from the campus registrar, please log into Ascender Parent Portal, select "Link to Enrolled Student", and enter the Parent Portal ID and the student's date of birth.


In order to complete forms or update data for a student, the email address you have listed in Ascender Parent Portal must match what we have in our system. If you can see your student, but can't update any information, those email addresses do not match. We recommend updating and verifying your email address in Ascender Parent Portal. If you need us to change your email address in our system, please email and your campus registrar. You will be asked to provide your student's full name, date of birth, and grade level for verification purposes.


See the Quick Guide to Setting Up Ascender Parent Portal below for more information or email

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Cell Phones

As many of you know, our cell phone policy for students is to turn them off and put them in their back packs during the day. This is EXTREMELY difficult for our students to follow, but I feel that it's very important that students be disconnected from their phones throughout the day.

Please remember that cell phones are not allowed during school hours. Phones must be turned off and in their backpacks. If your child needs to contact you, they may come to the front office to use the office phone or bring their personal phone to the front office, where they are allowed to use it.

If you need to communicate with your child during the day, you can email your child on their ipads, using their school email -

Remember that if you call the front office, we will be happy to deliver any messages to your child. Less disruption in the classrooms, the better!

News and Notes From The Office

Attendance & Nurse - Please email or contact the nurse if your child is home ill. Also, please make sure if your child calls you not feeling well, they must check in with the nurse before leaving due to COVID protocol.

Ext. 2505

Boys Athletics - If your son is in last period athletics and you need to pick them up, we ask that you pick them up BEFORE 3PM.

School Time - Please remember that we teach from "bell to bell" each day and when you pull your student(s) out early or they arrive late to school, they miss valuable class time. Thank you for understanding!

Here is the bell schedule...first bell starts at 8:00 AM!

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Who Do I Contact?

We try to be excellent problem solvers here at LVMS, so if you have questions, let us help!

If you have questions about registrations, contact:

Monica Kaiser @

Schedules? Counselor April Woodburn @

Bus? Transportation Director Lisa Gordon @

Logistical Questions? Secretary Sue Kunze @

You can contact myself( or our Assistant Principal Kim Bentley ( with any questions you need help with as well.